This is a single, multi-chapter story. Students play the role of the main character, making decisions that will shape the direction of the plot. This interactivity increases student involvement, interest and desire to read. 'In the Amazing Forest' appeals to students in grades 2, 3 and 4 as well as older students who are experiencing reading difficulties.

drawing conclusions, getting the facts, factual recall, predicting outcomes, using verbs, contractions, plurals, using words in context, pronouns, phonics, working with syllables, word meanings, root words, compound words
Ideal for older students with reading difficulties Stimulating illustrations accompany each page of text Includes vocabulary and comprehension questions on each page A help system ensures that readers always know what is expected of them Reinforces correct answers to encourage and motivate students Can be used by any number of students, over and over, year after year Students make decisions that direct the action
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Special Education Learning - In the Amazing Forest