Teaches students in grades 3 through 5 the components of a well-written, creative story. It also shows students how to evaluate writing at four levels of complexity.

communicating ideas and information, writing for specific audiences, writing for specific purposes, story building, using rubrics to evaluate and edit written work
Provides models for creative openings, setting, mood, plot crises/problem, climax and solution, and gives students exercises to practice these writing tactics Uses a modeling approach to show students how to communicate ideas and information for specific purposes to specific audiences Provides an overview of the writing forms - fiction, non-fiction, narrative stories, poems, and letters Introduces students to the process of developing descriptive paragraphs, writing to explain, writing to persuade, writing to provide details, writing questions, and writing definitions Gives students the opportunity to use rubrics to evaluate and edit written work at four levels of complexity Students draw on skills developed in earlier units to identify grammar and content errors The clue button provides students with an explanation of the skill area being covered
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