Students learn about space and the world around them in this exciting new program. The concepts taught are drawn from the curriculum for grades 1 through 3.

learn about water, air, rocks, soil, weather, our planet, space
Introduces students to the differences between natural and man-made resource Thoroughly teaches and tests students on the properties, uses, varieties and environmental aspects of to water, air, rocks and soil Climate and extreme weather are explored and students are taught how to measure basic weather conditions Students are introduced to physical geography concepts like landforms, layers of the Earth and geographic change Lessons on the planets, the lunar phases and the orbits of the Moon, Earth and Sun teach students the basic principles of space science Instructional help files are presented in a format that allows for easy printing of this useful supplementary teaching tool Difficult words are “clickable” – allowing students to hear a sound clip of the spoken word
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Reading Intervention Programs - Earth & Space Science