This test provides an accurate and reliable measurement of reading and word recognition ability up to the end of grade 8.

oral reading
Evaluate students for program placement Provide special help for students who lack essential reading skills Measure changes occurring over a specific instructional period Identify trends in reading achievement at classroom, school and district levels Provide information regarding the effectiveness of instructional programs The student sees a word and reads it aloud The teacher presses a key to denote correct or incorrect Results are monitored and recorded for the teacher Comprehensive and easy to administer with no training required Can be customized for the approximate reading level of each student. Tests can be used for an unlimited number of students, year after year Provides an accurate and reliable reading and word recognition level for students up to the end of grade 8 No need to purchase test kits, student forms, booklets, scoring materials or examiner manuals
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Superphonics - Graded Word Recognition Test