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This program includes interesting biographies of important historical and contemporary cultural figures to build skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary and language. It is appropriate for students reading at the grades 4-6 levels and for remedial readers in grades 7-10. Among the people included in this program are: Carlos Santana, Cesar Chavez, Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, and Ellen Eochoa.

drawing conclusions, getting the main idea, factual recall, predicting outcomes, sequencing, using verbs, using words in context, word meanings, plurals, pronouns, phonics, antonyms & synonyms
Reinforces correct answers to encourage students Includes high interest, yet easy to read stories Vocabulary, language and comprehension skill building mode for each story A help system ensures that readers are never stuck More than 1000 questions in each program to develop comprehension, vocabulary and language skills Can be used by any number of students, over and over, year after year Ideal for remediation and reading intervention
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Math For Elementary Teachers - Hispanic-American Superstars