This program is designed to introduce students to the basic principles of patterning, geometry and data management.

recognizing similarities and differences in patterns, completing number patterns, identify, describe and complete basic geometric and number patterns, 2D shapes and 3D figures, symmetry and direction, data gathering and graphing, learn basic concepts of probability
Teaches children how to identify similarities and differences using a variety of attributes including color and size Students learn to identify, describe and complete basic geometric and number patterns Other skills include how to identify missing entries in patterns, creating a pattern from a description and using a number chart to create patterns Teaches the properties of basic 2D shapes and 3D figures and how to make comparisons between them Outlines the basic principles of symmetry and directional relationships Introduces students to the principles of data gathering Provides an introduction to surveying techniques Students are taught graphing skills using one-to-one correspondence, bar graphs and pictographs Introduces the basic concepts of probability, including an understanding of "never", "sometimes" and "always
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Response To Intervention - Patterning, Geometry & Data Management Grade 1