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Provides effective ways to build students' understanding of grade appropriate patterning, geometry and data management principles.

work with more complex 2D shapes and 3D figures, building figures from nets, co-ordinate geometry, congruence and symmetry, identify and complete patterns in which two or more attributes change, sort and record data with two or more attributes, work with and understand a variety of graphs and Venn diagrams
Introduces students to increasingly complex patterning problems that use two changing attributes Utilizes a wider variety of patterns, including: geometric transformations and numerical sequences Tests more detailed pattern rules, ultimately leading students to build their own patterns Introduces students to more complex 2D shapes and 3D figures Students learn how to use concrete measures, such as counting sides and vertices, to compare shapes and figures Students learn to sort and record data for objects with two or more different attributes Presents surveying problems based on increasingly complex attributes and daily living situations Teaches students how to read and create graphs and pictographs with scales of 5, 10 and 100 Features more challenging probability problems using compelling real world examples
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Reading Intervention - Patterning, Geometry & Data Management Grade 3