The programs are wonderful. All of our 3rd grade students use Reading Comprehension before their state reading test. We really love the programs.

Patsy Moore, Teacher
Peshtigo Elementary, Peshtigo, Wisconsin

We are really impressed with Sight Words 1 and 2. Even the parents are impressed with the progress their children have made using these programs.

Sister Ruth Anne, Teacher
St. John Grade School, Little Chute, Wisconsin

Essential Skills programs are a wonderful reinforcement to what we are teaching in the classroom. They are very child-user friendly, the teacher does not have to stay with the student while they are using the programs. We are very pleased.

Shirley Meindel, Teacher
Bloomer Elementary, Bloomer, Wisconsin

We have been using Essential Skills software for a few years. Classroom teachers will come to me for advice on which programs the students should be using. The students are making measurable gains using these programs.

Catherine Pinchott, Teacher
Lincoln Elementary, Port Washington, Wisconsin

We are using Reading Comprehension 2 to help the grades 3's before their state reading test.

Pam Kescenovitz, Teacher
Rockfield Elementary, Germantown, Wisconsin

Essential Skills programs have some great features. The teachers love the Marks Manager. The children like working independently and they love the reward and reinforcement they get from successfully practicing their skills. The primary teachers are using the programs as part of their literacy block.

Fran Bolger, Technology Coordinator
Hi-Mount Community School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

My students love using Essential Skills and I love the reinforcement it provides. I try to order at least one or two programs every year. They correspond well with the IEP goals for my Special Education students. The skills taught line up well with the state curriculum standards. These programs are wonderful for Special Education because it is easy to isolate skills and teach to specific needs. I also love the record keeping and reporting features.

Deborah Stocco, Special Education Teacher
Mosinee Elementary, Mosinee, Wisconsin

I use Reading Comprehension from Essential Skills with first and second graders. I like the use of keyboard and the continuous reinforcement and feedback provided. The children in higher grades really like the variety of activities in the Spell Master program and the positive feedback. As the children go through the grades the programs seem to grow on them. Whether the students are weak or strong they are all able to work successfully and independently at their own ability level. The Marks Manager is very helpful when creating reports. These programs are well aligned with our classroom Language Arts instruction.

Eileen Krall, Technology Teacher
Marshfield Area Catholic Schools, Marshfield, Wisconsin

I used Essential Skills every day last year. Even the lowest of the low kids were able to function independently at their own level. They like the feeling of success and they enjoyed seeing the stars filled in and their daily progress. Our core spelling marks went up with the weaker students and because they had the support of programs like Sight Words they were able to keep up with the regular curriculum.

Christine Roeker, Grade Three Teacher
Woodridge Public School, Portage, Wisconsin

Every child can find a place to be successful in the programs from Essential Skills. They are able to work independently at their own ability level. We use Super Phonics and Sight Words in all our schools and our children have made positive gains. They are a great supplement to classroom instruction and provide excellent practice and reinforcement.

Lisa Ziaya, Reading Specialist
Orfordville Elementary, Orfordville, Wisconsin

Essential Skills programs are used daily in our school. They are easy to access and use. These programs offer great supplementary practice and are in alignment with our curriculum. The children always look forward to using them.

Mrs. Elaina Neider, Special Education
Sunset Ridge Elementary, Middleton, Wisconsin

My students love the Essential Skills programs and can't wait to get to the computer. This is great supplementary software for practice and reinforcement and it correlates nicely with what I teach. The programs remember where the kids are at, allowing better students to move more quickly through the program and slower students to move at their own pace.

Laurie Heilmeier, Grade One
Mountain Bay Elementary, Weston, Wisconsin

The programs from Essential Skills are excellent. There is a lot of depth to each program and a broad range of skills. It is easy for the children to navigate through the programs on their own. We are a Reading First school and these programs tie in very nicely to the five components of Reading First.

J. J. Masterson, Prof. Develop. Resource Teacher
Jefferson Elementary, Kenosha, Wisconsin

We use Essential Skills for enrichment and reinforcement. It does a good job of teaching skills to students who are delayed in reading and who have difficulty working on their own. Using these programs they can work independently on the specific skills they need help with.

Susan Googins, Title I Reading Teacher
Whittier Elementary, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Thank you Sister Ruth Ann, for the great math program we have been using the last few weeks! There are plenty of things to do. It goes along with our math books wonderfully. It teaches fractions, decimals, number sense, and money. There are tons of activities to do on it and it is a great program. Some of it we know how to do, but other things challenge us and make us think. It helps us get good grades, understand math better, and teaches us new things that we didn't know before. We are studying decimal place value and decimal rounding and this program is perfect for that. Thank you!

Anonymous, Grade 5 student
St. John Grade School, Green Bay, Wisconsin