Common Support Issues (Java)

There are missing images and/or sounds. Sometimes sounds take a long time to play.

  • Sometimes web pages, or parts of web pages, just fail to load. Hit the refresh button on your browser.


I get the message: "Java needs to be installed on your system. Please download and install it from"

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed on your system. Java can be downloaded freely from


I am entering my username and password correctly, and I am still having difficulty logging in.

  • Try pressing the back button at the bottom of the screen and attempt to login again by reentering your username and password.  Please contact us if you have forgotten your credentials or if you need to have them reset.


The software automatically logs my student out of the program.

  • The software is set to logout any user who has been idle for more than 20 minutes. This is intended to prevent other students from accidentally using the wrong account.


I would like a way to clear the stars from individual student lists.

  • The menu stars are connected to the students marks and as such there is currently no way to clear the stars without clearing the students marks.


How can I access the other classes in the Marks Manager?

  • There is a global class/teacher username and password, supplied at the time you purchase the product, that allows you to manage any class or student.