There are two types of students in elementary school: those who love math, and those that hate math. Teachers discover fairly quickly which students fall into the second category. Educators are faced with the annual dilemma of trying to make math lessons more engaging. That requires creative thinking and integration of the best math programs for elementary students.

best math programs for elementary students

Many of the best elementary math programs offer a variety of instructional activities. Some online math programs for elementary school students also try to inspire math education with unique interactive components. Successful teachers try to find the right mix and the best balance of activities to foster an appreciation for math. Here are a few ideas that teachers can employ in their math curriculum.

  • Make it fun. Play some math games. Numbers can be fun, and students can be actively engaged when learning is fun. The best math programs for elementary students all have a certain degree of levity worked into the activities.
  • Add a little mystery into the math instruction by asking interesting questions. Tapping into the inquiring minds of children in a classroom setting can be an effective way to motivate them. Let them ask compelling questions back as well.
  • Use visual tools like picture books. Visual aids can be great tools when worked into counting exercises or multiplication.
  • Rely on routine. Math is more than memorizing formulas, but sometimes resorting to routines is a great way to reinforce the lesson at hand. Routine is good for young students, and having a regular routine of math instruction is a great weekly lesson.
  • Integrate online math programs for elementary school students. Essential Skills offers a comprehensive selection of evidence-based math programs for teachers, tutors and educators that can instantly amplify the enjoyment levels of students learning math. These online tools are extremely flexible and can be integrated into different grades for different levels of instruction.
  • Use props! Teachers can do creative things with props to teach math lessons in class.
  • Don’t make math a static exercise. Get your students to get involved in physical exercises that incorporate math lessons into the activity. Math teaching can be subversive – students may be having fun before they even realize they’re actually learning about math at the same time.
  • Integrate other subject matter into your math lessons. Numbers are important in science, social studies, geography, and gym. Engaging students’ natural curiosity during other subjects is a wonderful way to integrate math problems.
  • Make math relatable to the student experience. When students can use their math knowledge in relatable ways, it’s more likely to stick with them.

Essential Skills Online Programs Can Help Improve Math Lessons

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