Recently, we have all seen our educational institutions shift curriculum delivery models as necessities dictate. These uncertain circumstances can be challenging and confusing for parents, children, and teachers, all of whom are scrambling to find something that works. Happily, Essential Skills provides a range of online educational software to help to maintain a stable and consistent learning experience. There are numerous benefits to good online educational software for schools.

online educational software

  • Adaptable: Depending on your school board’s protocol, classes may be held in school full time or in altered or parttime forms, or entirely online. The use of well-designed educational software for schools will ensure continuity throughout these uncertain times and will continue when everything is “back to normal.”
  • Flexible and Convenient: Most families are experiencing the complications of altered work schedules, childcare changes, and work-from-home requirements. Online educational software can be used in any location that has internet, and at any time that is convenient for the student and family.
  • Improved Focus: All kids are full of curiosity. This is a requirement for learning but sometimes can manifest as distraction. Even the most well-managed classroom can be distracting to some children. When a child works in their own space, there are no interruptions from classmates. Some children thrive in an enriched environment and some are distracted by anything off-topic. Online educational software for schools allows for an environment personally suited for the individual’s learning style.
  • Recognize Individual Needs: Everyone has an individual learning style, based on several different modes of learning. All Essential Skills programs are designed to appeal to a variety of senses and skills. Lessons are brightly colored and offer both visual and audio cues using a wide range of activities to appeal to different learning styles. For students who may be struggling with math or language skills, online educational software can help to pinpoint problem areas and prescribe targeted intervention to close learning gaps.
  • Assessment: As a student completes lessons, the program gives immediate feedback, resulting in fewer repeat mistakes, and more sense of a positive outcome. Teachers can see in real time if a child is performing well, needs extra help in some areas, or even could be accelerated to keep schoolwork challenging.
  • Fun!: Essential Skills have developed online educational software that presents curriculum content in the form of games. As kids learn, they are engaged and excited. Students feel empowered as they have more control over where and when they study and receive immediate reward for completing lessons correctly.

We all hope that the situation with COVID-19 will be over soon and that we can get students back in the classroom. Thankfully, there are some benefits that will remain, like the use of Essential Skills online educational software for schools.