Every child struggles with early reading skills and all parents worry. Fortunately, there are a number of signs to recognize a real problem. Once these issues have been identified, online elementary reading programs can provide a wide variety of engaging research-based activities to target your child’s specific difficulty.

elementary reading programs

Some behaviors to watch for when a child is reading are:

  • Sounding out every word on the page
  • Unfamiliar with the sounds of letters
  • Reading aloud sounds broken or choppy
  • Words are read in the wrong order
  • Cannot recognize the same word consistently
  • Confuses or substitutes similar words (mouth or mouse)
  • Guesses at words rather than sounding them out and has difficulty sounding out unfamiliar words
  • Ignores punctuation when reading aloud
  • Often loses their place, repeats or skips words or phrases
  • Tendency to add extra sounds, usually in the middle of words
  • Uses illustration or context for meaning cues, rather than relying on the written text
  • Substitutes similar words when reading (e.g. said for side)
  • Often overlooks small words and articles (to, the, an, etc.)
  • Lacks reading comprehension (can sound out words but has trouble understanding what was read)
  • Difficulty reading words on flashcards or elementary reading programs online

Children with reading problems will often try to avoid tasks that require this skill. Because they struggle, they often require more external motivation. Using online reading programs for elementary schools is often an excellent option for these students.

There are many causes of reading problems, and most can be overcome or at least greatly reduced once they are identified. Kids with auditory processing disorder often have problems learning to read. Though a child with APD faces many academic challenges, you can help him/her learn to read using a high-quality online elementary reading program. Dyslexia is a very common source of reading problems that can manifest in a number of different symptoms. There are specialized programs available to help reduce these symptoms. Sometimes reading difficulty is just due to poor eyesight and can be helped with new glasses. Autism and ADHD can also cause children to struggle with reading. Whatever the cause, there are elementary reading programs online that will help your child to improve their reading skills.

Sometimes children may display signs of reading problems, but they are caused by gaps in teaching. All children are different, and some will require explicit lessons in certain skills. Well-chosen reading programs for elementary schools will help identify any areas where children need more specific help.

By targeting needs and taking advantage of elementary reading programs online, all parents and teachers should begin to see real improvement in reading skills, and in motivation to continue to learn.