1 – Log in

Click the Login button on the Welcome page or open the School Login page directly.

Enter your School ID and click the Teacher button to continue.

If you’re not sure what your School ID is, you can look it up.

Enter the Super Teacher username and password supplied with your purchase confirmation and click the Go button to continue.

The first time you log in on any computer you may be presented with a Security certificate dialog. Simply check the “Always trust content from this publisher” box and click continue. This certificate only needs to be accepted once.

2 – Create a class

Select the Manage Classes tab and then click the Add button.

3 – Add students to your class

Select the Manage Students tab and click the Add button.

Passwords are automatically created for your students. You can edit and print student passwords by clicking the Passwords button.

Each student must use their password to log in so having a printout ready can be helpful.

Creating short student names, first name and last initial for example, will make logging in faster for students.

4 – Log your students in

Direct your class to the School Login page.

Your students must enter the School ID and click the Student button.

Then have your students select a class from the drop down menu, enter their username and password, and click the Go button.

Now your students can click and use any of the software licensed by your school.

You can simplify the log in procedure by using these shortcuts.