High School and Adult

In my work with adult students, I am often caught between material that either starts at an inappropriately high academic level, or that is obviously designed for first graders, and therefore of no interest to adults. I have never found any resource as good as the programs from Essential Skills. They have created a range of products that are high interest and easy to access, regardless of age or skill level. Thanks for creating a terrific set of resources.

Jim Parry-Hill, Teacher
Gretna, Manitoba

Central Collegiate is a high school and we use Essential Skills with our ESL students. You never know what skills they will have when they come in. We have five Essential Skills language arts programs. We had one boy who used them for the whole morning every day last year. We think your programs are very effective.

Michelle Smith, ESL Teacher
Central Collegiate

The programs from Essential Skills provide comprehensive practice and reinforcement of basic, essential math and reading skills. I am using these programs daily with students of all ability levels from Grade One up to high school. Even my most reluctant learners like these programs because they are able to work independently at their own level and meet with success each step of the way. I am able to split my class into two groups and have half the class work in a focused and independent way on Essential Skills while I provide instruction for a smaller group

Marianela Ramos, Special Education Teacher
United South High School, Laredo, Texas

I work with adults with severe learning difficulties and they are experiencing great satisfaction and success with the programs from Essential Skills. These adults often have little or no computer experience but they are quickly able to use the programs easily and independently. This software definitely fosters their self confidence and motivation to learn. I test progress on an ongoing basis and my students make steady progress.

Bev Wright, Teacher
Warkworth Correctional Institution, Campbellford, Ontario

The Essential Skills Science programs are used in our alternate education program for 14-18 year old's. These programs boost their self esteem and help them grasp essential Science concepts. It gives them a real sense of accomplishment. The students don't feel the programs are babyish and they can work independently at their own level with success. The marks management system makes it easy to document progress. Essential Skills programs are great for teaching the basic skills that all students need to learn. I have really, really enjoyed the programs and feel that they have made a big difference for my students.

Cheryl Lenz-Fabian, Learning Assistance Teacher
Bethlehem Catholic High, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I find these programs to be excellent. They have a highly structured layout and provide skill repetition and feedback. My high school students love the idea of learning their skills independently at their own level and pace without fear of criticism or putdown. They do not find the programs babyish at all. These programs have been very helpful in addressing the skill deficits in my students. I have recommended Essential Skills programs to several of my teacher friends.

Sherri Keefe, Resource Teacher
Ascension Bay Collegiate, BayRoberts, Newfoundland

I used Reading Comprehension Levels 2 and 3 with an individual student. The programs really kept his attention and I felt his comprehension improved. I would definitely recommend your software

Jack Thorpe, Special Education Teacher
Sidney High School, Sidney, Nebraska

I teach children with behaviour problems. The kids have responded very well to the programs. I am using them with middle school and high school students and they are very motivated by the success they are having using these programs.

Jennifer Cwach, Teacher
Summit Oaks Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

One of my students has improved from grade level 2.7 to 6.6 in just eleven months by using your programs. I have other students who have jumped two grade levels in just three to four months. Your programs are fantastic!

Wayne Flenke, Teacher
Brooklyn Correctional Institution

I have recommended your programs to many teachers. My students love them! The repetition and immediate rewards along with the familiar formats benefit all my students, from the young children to the older adults I work with. These programs offer a great variety of activities that utilize both visual and auditory learning channels. Thank you!

Frances Butcher
Literacy Instructor/Retired Teacher