All students K-4 use the software and have been using Essential Skills Software for years. The skills in the literacy programs correlate to the state standards.

Dale Layne, Principal
Principal, Principal, Idaho

We use the software from Essential Skills everyday. These programs help prepare the students for State testing because they correlate so well with the Core Content Standards for the State. I recommend these programs to other schools.

Dale Layne, Principal
Principal, Principal, Idaho

The teachers absolutely love this software and the children beg to go on these fabulous programs. These programs exceed the needs of the children. When we switched to using Essential Skills Software our costs went down significantly from using the Waterford program. Kids absolutely love the graphics. These programs were developed by teachers who really do understand how children learn. Class work has improved in the area of decoding and word recognition skills. Test score improvements on the IRI can be in part attributed to these wonderful programs. As a bonus the computer and keyboarding skills gained on these programs makes the children more ready for ISAT testing.

Deanne Dye, Principal
Principal, Principal, Idaho

I use these programs quite a bit and think that they are very beneficial to Title I students and regular classroom kids as well. We are very happy with the results. We feel that these programs are having a direct impact on the progress of our children

Trisha Freeman, Title I Teacher
Borah Elementary, Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

My children use the reading comprehension programs daily. These programs prepare my students for computerized testing. They become familiar with working with text on a screen. The activities following each story are very well done such as building vocabulary, typing, visual memory, and auditory skills. These programs have good remedial content for older kids in 4th and 5th grade as well. Even our intermediate teachers use the comprehension programs for their weaker students.

Kim Yearsley, Grade Two Teacher
Hayden Lake Elementary, Hayden, Idaho

Our students really like the programs from Essential Skills. I like that there is not a lot of cutesy stuff, just good skill building activities with lots of practice and reinforcement. I really feel that these programs have made a big difference.

Rhonda Doman, Teaching Assistant
Raft River Elementary, Malta, Idaho

We have been using the Essential Skills Software programs for years to help the children develop critical language arts and math skills. Our students love using the software and are motivated by their success. Our teachers love the software because they see that children at all grade levels are benefiting from the organized skill development of the programs.

Roy Hansen, Computer Teacher
Council Elementary School, Council, Idaho

In my classroom I have 15 students ranging in age from 14 to 18 years old with severe disabilities including cognitive impairments, Down's syndrome, autism and multiple handicaps. My students love the programs from Essential Skills. It is great to have programs that engage the students and keep them focused, allowing me to work one on one with others. These programs are ideal for the classroom.

Virginia Welton, Extended Resource Teacher
Canfield Middle School, Coeur Dalene, Idaho