South Carolina

The children asked for computer time with ESS programs when they came back for this school year. They really like using them. Another Special Ed. Teacher showed me the brochure and as soon as I reviewed the software I could tell they would help my students.

Susan Bowers, Special Education Teacher
Whitmire Community School, Whitmire, South Carolina

We are using ESS programs with our multi age group and learning disabled kids. They use the programs 2 - 3 times a week. It teaches the skills in a way that is not humanly possible. I have really noticed the improvement in their performance. Both the students and I like the Marks Manager. The kids like the way it shows them their daily results and I like how it easily keeps track of all student progress. I always recommend ESS programs to other teachers.

Karen Newkirk, Special Education Teacher
Pomaria-Garmany Elementary, Pomaria, South Carolina

We have had a significant rise in student achievement and attribute some of this to Essential Skills Software. Our Special Education students are also using the programs. The teachers are saying that the children find the programs very user-friendly and are motivated by their own success when using them.

Jennifer Bowen, Curriculum Facilitator
Devon Forest Elementary, Goose Creek, South Carolina

During our 1st year of using ESS programs there was an increase in our reading scores. A lot of our teachers are having the students use the Reading Comprehension programs. We also use these programs to prepare for the state testing. They teach the required skills in a fun and interesting format. Our Resource teachers are also using this software. We feel that these are valuable learning tools.

Willa Simpson, Literacy Coach
Coosa Elementary, Beaufort, South Carolina