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The student data you need, when you need it!

  • Automatically identifies missing skills & corrects learning gaps
  • Records each student's results as they work independently
  • Easy to use, no training required for teachers or students
  • Measure progress over time with built-in post tests
  • Effectively share student data for team planning
  • Access a wide variety of reports, including student hot spots
Ideal for Special Education IEP and Response to Intervention
Built-in pretests individualize instruction to target missing skills

Automatically individualize instruction for every student

With a few simple clicks teachers can assign program pretests to individual students, or an entire class. Based on pretest results, our research-based reading and math intervention software creates an individualized program to target each student’s learning gaps.

Our comprehensive curriculum and affordable pricing, combined with a powerful Teacher Dashboard, makes Essential Skills the premier educational software for elementary students.

Proven Results in Reading & Math View Research
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Increase of 2.16 levels in oral reading & 2.5 levels in silent reading in only 10 weeks
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Essential Skills is North America's leading provider of research-based reading & math intervention programs for K-6, older remedial students, special education, ELL & response to intervention

Whether you're looking for a way to help your struggling students, or you simply want to enhance the educational experience in your classroom, Essential Skills educational software for schools provides the evidence-based reading interventions your students need. You will have confidence knowing that you're utilizing time-tested learning resources that are used by more than 50,000 educators when you choose Essential Skills.

Enhance Your Students Educational Experience

Essential Skills research-based reading and math intervention programs are ideal for both elementary students and older remedial learners. We understand that not every student learns in the same way, or at the same pace. Not only do your students have different learning styles, but they're operating at various skill levels. This makes your job incredibly challenging.

Our online reading and math intervention programs address this challenge head-on by providing every student with the individualized learning experience and attention they need. Our evidence-based reading and math intervention tools include a variety of auditory, visual and tactile activities to ensure complete standards mastery, regardless of learning style.

Why Essential Skills for Your School?

Our online reading and math intervention programs are used in over 20,000 schools for one simple reason - they work. You need teaching tools with a long-standing, and proven track record of improving student outcomes. Essential Skills has been helping educators accelerate student learning and raise achievement levels for more than a decade. Hundreds of teachers have shared their successes with us. Read their comments, and see the results for yourself.

It is our mission to make a difference in education by providing affordable, online reading and math intervention programs that motivate students, builds their confidence, and allows them to achieve success.

Research-Based Reading & Math Intervention that Works

At Essential Skills, we don't just publish online reading programs for schools, we use technology to connect with students and instill a genuine love of learning. We believe that success is the greatest motivator, and we know that when your students use our research-based reading and math intervention programs, and see the progress in their studies, they will become inspired, and further embrace the learning process in the classroom.

Essential Skills provides the most comprehensive online reading and math programs available for schools. Our elementary reading and math intervention resources include hundreds of auditory, visual and tactile learning activities to ensure your students gain a solid foundation in the skills they need to succeed.

Elementary online learning for every device & operating system…

The latest generation of Essential Skills online reading and math intervention programs literally works on everything, so no matter what devices you, or your students are using, we've got you covered!

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Why are Essential Skills Reading & Math Intervention Programs used in over 20,000 schools?

Here are some of the reasons why our K-6 reading and math programs are used in over 20,000 schools and trusted by educators across North America.

  • Assessment feature automatically generates individualized programs to target skill deficits
  • Teachers can assign specific content depending on learning needs
  • Marks Manager; student tracking, assessment and reporting system included with all programs
  • Easy to read reports help quickly identify areas of student difficulty
  • Affordable web-based subscriptions and one-time perpetual CD license options
  • Activities designed for auditory, visual and tactile learners
  • Easy to use, no training required
  • Engaging, focused instruction with no time-consuming and repetitive animations
  • Students work and learn independently at their own pace
  • Ideal for reading and math intervention and remediation

Want to learn more about how our research-based reading intervention programs will improve the learning environment in your classroom? Contact Essential Skills any time to discuss how our online elementary reading and math programs can to be used to enhance the educational experience of your students. We’re so confident in the quality of our programs that we offer a risk free 45 day return policy on all of our products. Try our online reading and math interventions with your students and experience the Essential Skills difference!

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Try the full version of Essential Skills risk free for 45 days! We know that our reading and math intervention programs are awesome! That’s why we’ll give you 45 days to evaluate them absolutely risk free!

You’ll have 45 days to evaluate the full version of our research-based reading and math programs and use them with your students. There’s no payment due until after the 45 days, so this really is a risk-free offer.

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We use the Essential Skills programs with our K-2 students on a daily basis. They are used in the afterschool program as well. We like the way the way the programs reward and reinforce student learning. The system for tracking and reporting student achievement is very useful. Ever since we started using the programs for reading intervention with our first and second grade students, we have seen that our third and fourth grade students are much more ready to learn.

Brenda Hoerner, Principal & Title I Reading Intervention Teacher
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