Puzzles & Brain Teasers - Puzzle Master has a large and unique collection of brain teasers & puzzles for sale. In addition they also carry chess, mechanical banks, puzzle books, magic trick books, boomerangs, etc.

Flix Productions Animated Educational Software - Award winning software for children that makes learning fun - and funny!

Crossdown - Award-winning puzzle software for professional development of crosswords, acrostics and cryptograms. Games, too!

AceReader Pro - Award winning software designed to assess and improve your reading skills.

English Plus (USA) - Your one stop for vanquishing your English language anguish! English spelling and grammar software, entrance exam study aids, and online English grammar reference. Free trial downloads of all our software.

Puzzle Player - Puzzle Player is a less expensive alternative for teachers and allows students to solve puzzles created with Crossword Construction Kit or Word Search Construction Kit on their computer.