As we all strive to navigate the “new normal”, educators are finding new ways to connect their classrooms and keep their students engaged, when remote learning is essential. Virtual “team” focused apps like Zoom, Facebook Live, and Google classroom have become commonplace for conducting group lessons and activities, and online educational software is ideal for keeping students focused and up-to-date with grade-level lessons and assignments in a multitude of subjects.

Using educational software for schools can help both students and teachers meet the unique challenges we now face in these times of remote learning. This type of cutting-edge learning solution is available in a wide variety of lesson packages, and also provides teachers and administrators the option of customizing a plan to meet their school curriculum.

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In addition to utilizing educational software for elementary students in your virtual classroom, here are some tips to get the most of your remote learning experience:

  • Practice screen sharing with your students. This enables your students to ask questions during the lesson and to contribute to interactive class discussions.
  • Use the file-sharing features to show interesting and informative film materials
  • Create fun and interactive online lessons.  When you use online educational software such as the programs offered by Essential Skills, these lessons are ready for you to use immediately with no special training or additional purchases required.
  • Moderate the class. Even though the group is engaged in remote learning, it is still essential to maintain an orderly classroom.  When you use group chat software you have the option of muting all students while you deliver lessons, turning on their individual microphones so they can ask or answer questions, and removing students from the group if necessary.
  • Record your lessons so students can just log on and review them at any time.

Educational software for schools is widely used by educators and recommended for its variety, value, and comprehensive lesson plans. Essential Skills’ online educational software is used in over 20,000 schools and is ideal for remote learning applications as well.

Essential Skills’ educational software for elementary schools can deliver a comprehensive, interactive, and successful remote learning experience for you and your students:

  • Students can work independently or interact with teachers as needed
  • Activities utilize sound and imagery to engage students, without over-stimulating them
  • Software is easy for teachers to use and offers support by phone, email, and web
  • Lessons benefit students of varying skill levels
  • Students are rewarded for meeting goals – and eager to reach the next level
  • Tracks student achievements and assessments and generates reports

Discover the educational software preferred by over 53,000 teachers. Visit Essential Skills today.