Everyone knows the importance of learning reading skills early in life. Most children begin formal literacy lessons in kindergarten, but many skills are picked up even earlier. Reading time and bedtime stories, pointing out examples of text in the environment, and educational TV and computer programs help to develop the pre-reading skills needed for young children to progress to reading. What many people are unaware of is that these skills will help to form cognitive pathways that will continue to develop as a child gains aptitude.

reading programs for schools

There are many ways to encourage the development of pre-reading skills. Use of reading programs for schools such as those developed by the trained educational professionals at Essential Skills is an excellent way to enhance classroom learning. Essential Skills has created programs that work with young minds as new cognitive skills are developed. Learning literacy is not just about reading, the process also encourages other pathways of neural development.


As children learn to read and make connections between words and ideas, they become more confident in their own ability to interpret the world. Reading aloud inspires effective speech patterns and builds communication skills. Regular use of the elementary reading programs online from Essential Skills will give young readers practice that is geared to their performance level. These programs offer advancement when the learner is ready, and immediate reward to reinforce correct answers. These features help to build confidence and self-esteem, which will impact all facets of young learners’ lives.


There is format by which young children learn speech, and the same rules generally apply to learning to read. In the acquisition of spoken or written language the route is simple to complex, and concrete to abstract. Children who are enriched linguistically will be able to enhance their vocabulary and use new words effectively. When evidence-based elementary reading programs are used in conjunction with classroom lessons, students become comfortable with new vocabulary and are more readily able to use it fluently.


Early classroom lessons are most effective when they are short, deal with only one concept, and tasks are broken into small steps. When a concept has been taught, it should be practiced until well learned before moving on to the next. Using Essential Skills elementary reading programs online, students will learn to focus on one skill at a time. The ability to concentrate on a single topic without distractions is essential to all later stages of learning.


One of the most important elements of reading is developing memory. From simple phrases to whole books, it is essential to remember what you have already read. Building memory skills doesn’t just impact reading fluency, but all other fields of education.

When teaching young children, the obvious and immediate outcome may be to help a student gain literacy skills. We should not forget that as we do this, we are also helping them strengthen cognitive skills that will impact all areas of their lives. Essential Skills offers a range of reading programs for schools that have been developed with this in mind and are highly effective when blended with classroom lessons.