The value of reading to children is well known. Reading sharpens the mind and helps develop cognitive thinking. It helps in self-discovery, as books contain relatable stories, characters, situations, and varying degrees of good and bad that help readers grow and develop analytical thinking. Reading also helps students develop stronger writing skills and expand their vocabulary. One way to foster a love of reading in children is through the use of elementary reading programs.

elementary reading programs

The Importance of Implementing an Evidence-Based Reading Program

Regardless of whether a teacher is trained to focus on history, math, geography, or science, the fact is everyone teaching at the elementary school level is a reading teacher. That’s why it’s vital to seek out the best reading programs for elementary schools for use in the classroom. Providing the best resources to help address the literacy needs of students is vitally important and critical to their long-term success in school. Reading programs for schools can be implemented as early as prekindergarten. Essential Skills elementary reading programs offer a variety of auditory, visual, and tactile typing activities applicable to teaching young students.

Helping children develop a love of reading should be the primary focus. It’s not enough to drill the importance of reading into their heads; if children don’t develop a genuine love and appreciation for the skill, they’re likely not going to give reading lessons the attention they deserve. A high-quality, evidence-based reading program can help to engage students and ultimately encourage a love of reading. Online reading programs for elementary students can be particularly effective when it comes to motivating reluctant readers.

Fostering a deep passion for reading will result in reading voluntarily more often, and in an age where mobile devices steal a lot of focus away from books, that’s a win for both student and teacher.

Other Ways to Inspire Childeren to Read

Evidence-based elementary reading programs are vital tools for teachers to inspire students. In addition, there are important strategies teachers can employ to encourage a healthy love for, and competency in reading. Creating motivation for students to successfully learn to read is a key element in encouraging their love for books and reading. To do so, make sure there are always a variety of books available relevant to their likes, interests, and passions. Finding culturally appropriate books in which children see themselves reflected is important. Offering a variety of books, from biographies and non-fiction to mysteries and fantasy keeps their imaginations alive. Giving all students opportunity to read passages from their favourite books out loud in front of the classroom may seem daunting at first, but children will soon develop the confidence they need to lead the class in reading. Reading in groups is also a great way to inspire students and keep their spark for reading alive.

The best reading programs for elementary schools can be applied to various strategies in the classroom designed to encourage healthy reading habits. Instructional elementary reading programs like Essential Skills can help students develop individualized reading practices, and reading together in the class can be equally as effective. Allowing children to choose their favourite reading activities from a wide variety of choices will inspire them to read independently as well.

Whatever your strategy, consider a blended learning approach, including both traditional and digital activities to achieve the best results for all learners. Learn how Essential Skills online reading programs for schools can support blended learning in your classroom.