There are many reasons to instill a lifelong love of reading in our kids. It builds their vocabulary of course and helps with areas such as language fluency. Students who love to read are likely to have a more expansive background knowledge on the subject at hand. But academics aside, a love of reading can open the doorway to unbridled imagination and virtually limitless potential.

Teachers and parents can act as positive role models to reinforce a student’s enjoyment of reading during class, and outside school hours. Additionally, introducing compelling and interactive reading programs for schools can go a long way in promoting and encouraging independent reading in elementary students.  Here are some ways that elementary reading programs can be integrated into a routine that encourages a child’s love of reading:

reading programs for schools

Make Reading Materials Interesting and Readily Available

Elementary classrooms are stocked with wonderful books, word walls, printed lessons, and interesting, interactive workbooks. Today, teachers are adding elementary reading programs online to their list of valuable literary resources. Using this type of comprehensive electronic reading material, students from pre-kindergarten to middle school will discover exciting lessons in phonics, spelling, reading, writing and so much more. The benefits of digital reading lessons are far-reaching: Students who utilize well-designed reading software are likely to spend more time reading independently and show higher levels of reading achievement.

Essential Skills reading programs for schools are designed by teachers to support and foster the development of reading skills. They incorporate systematic and comprehensive activities that provide learners with the opportunity for extensive independent learning. Essential Skills activities are aligned with current research and utilize engaging rewards and interactive activities to encourage and motivate students.

Balance Independent & Group Reading Time

There are big benefits to both group and independent reading, and both should be made regular activities in the elementary school curriculum. The ability to read independently helps to build crucial skills including vocabulary, spelling, time management, and background knowledge. Students who are comfortable using elementary reading programs independently are also more confident when tackling other tasks both in and out of the classroom. Group reading is an equally important component in building a love of reading. Allowing students the time to read aloud to their peers and teachers gives them confidence and a sense of importance and belonging. Teachers can take this one step further and implement additional activities such as book reviews. When students have the opportunity to share and even play the role of ‘teacher’, it will inspire them to find even more books to read and share.

Encourage a love of reading in your students with Essential Skills elementary reading programs online. We offer more than 30 comprehensive elementary reading programs for unparalleled coverage of reading/language arts curriculum standards for grades K-6. There are no other elementary reading programs online that deliver the same level of comprehensive skills coverage or can compare on value. Essential Skills is truly a cut above the competition.