It can be said that ELL students work twice as hard in the classroom. They work to keep up with their daily lessons, while also working to learn and understand the English language. It can be a frustrating and disheartening scenario for students and teachers alike. 


The following examples of easy-to-implement instruction and activities from professional language instructors, including the use of online educational software, can help the English language learners in your classroom achieve success:  


online educational software

Use Visual Learning Aids & Exercises

Make a habit of writing exercise instructions and directions on a whiteboard or blackboard where ELL students can easily see and follow directions. When language is a barrier, it can be easier for students to understand visual instructions and diagrams.  Teachers can support more challenging concepts with pictures, and provide visual models for every step of a learning process. These types of visual aids are an important component in educational software for schools that you can use to help your ELL students grasp concepts better.


Encourage Group Learning

When students practice in small groups, they can pick up new words and language skills from other students. This type of peer inclusivity can also create a more personal, lower-risk setting that gives ELL students the confidence to ask questions and suggest answers and solutions. ELL resources for elementary students such as reading software by Essential Skills provide an array of lessons for independent learning as well as group instruction. This type of online educational software is easily implemented into a virtual classroom or group chat as well.


Encourage ELL Students to Embrace Their Culture

Give your new English language learners a voice and an opportunity to shine in your classroom setting. Teachers and students can learn a lot about a different culture, including a new language. This can go a long way in making an ELL learner feel more welcomed and valuable in class, and more at ease when taking part in group lessons or using educational software for schools. When possible, allow ELL students to work together. A small amount of “scaffolding” i.e. use of native language can benefit the learning process.   

At Essential Skills, our ELL resources for elementary students are developed by actual classroom teachers. The evidence-based ELL programs in this comprehensive online educational software include hundreds of interactive learning activities for students of all ages. With over 70 comprehensive online learning titles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect solution to fit your needs. 


See how Essential Skills educational software for schools can help ELL students in your physical or virtual classroom.  Our suite of ELL resources for elementary students and older English learners allow students to work independently at their own level and pace.