Reading intervention is, in a nutshell, extra help for struggling readers. It can take many forms. Ideally, the need for intervention will be spotted early, in pre-school or kindergarten, but if necessary, it can be introduced when troubles come up in later elementary years. Research based reading intervention programs such as those provided by Essential Skills can pinpoint areas of literacy that need to be targeted and offer the tools to achieve success.

Research based reading intervention programs

While there are numerous reasons a child may require reading intervention, there are also many available strategies. The key is to find the strategies that work with each student’s needs. Here are some tactics that have been proven effective:

  • Read!  Encourage kids to read all the text around them. Cereal boxes or instruction manuals, homework assignments, favorite books, even comic books. Elementary reading intervention programs offer high-interest, grade level selections presented in an engaging style kids will enjoy.
  • Read Aloud! Read to kids and point out what you’re reading. Take turns reading. Ask questions about what you’ve read.
  • Choice! Much of what children read has been assigned. Encourage kids to find reading materials that they like and give them the opportunity to have fun reading.
  • Not Too Hard, Not Too Easy!  We had a librarian that used the “five finger rule” with middle school kids. One finger for every word they found challenging. If they had five fingers after one page, the book was too hard (frustration). Less than two it was too easy (boredom). Research-based reading intervention programs will help you and your student find the level that will be a perfect fit to avoid frustration and boredom.
  • Chunk It! Breaking up a task into smaller, more manageable bits is a very common teaching strategy. Often children lack the patience or attention span to concentrate on a long passage or book at one sitting. Break it down into sections the child is comfortable with. Ideally, they should be able to complete a task before they become discouraged.
  • Success! Everyone likes to be a success, especially when they’re learning something new. Essential Skills early reading intervention program gives students positive feedback as they’re learning. With each correct response, they will receive an encouraging message. Based on a child’s progress, these programs will also gear next steps to be at just the right level to both ensure learning and success.

Essential Skills produces products to support reading intervention programs for students, beginning with our early reading intervention programs. These online programs are easily available with any internet capable device. They offer students of all levels and needs engaging and rewarding learning experiences and blend well with teacher-led reading interventions.