As the world becomes increasingly digitized, screen time has become a norm for children. At Essential Skills, we envision a different approach: turning screen time into productive learning experiences with the power of “Play Learning.” This naturally raises the question – what is play-based learning? It’s an approach where learning and play intersect, making education an enjoyable and stimulating experience. Leveraging our suite of educational software products, we are transforming screen time into these meaningful, interactive, play-based learning experiences.

Play based learning

The Current Landscape of Screen Time

The digital age presents a unique challenge – making screen time enriching and educational. Recognizing this opportunity, Essential Skills has devised an array of play-based learning products that seamlessly incorporate screen time into the learning process.

The Intersection of Play and Learning

Play-based learning is a concept where play and learning intersect, creating an environment where education is enjoyable and stimulating. Essential Skills has harnessed this concept with our online educational software. Through engaging games and activities, we stimulate curiosity and make learning fun, transforming the digital experience into an educational adventure.

Advantages of Turning Screen Time into Learning Time

At Essential Skills, we’ve seen first-hand the benefits of turning screen time into play-based learning time. Through our program, we utilize play learning to enhance memory, cognitive abilities, and overall engagement. This approach encourages interaction rather than passive consumption, turning the learning process into a dynamic play-based experience. This play-based learning methodology, used effectively in our programs, leads to improved retention and comprehension.

Using Play Learning as an Effective Educational Tool

Our suite of products at Essential Skills reflects our commitment to the ‘Learn by Playing‘ principle. Each piece of educational software is designed to stimulate curiosity and facilitate learning through interactive activities and games.

Our research-based reading intervention programs, for instance, integrate play-based learning methodologies to make the learning process engaging and impactful. Similarly, our online phonics program leverages play-based learning principles to make phonics accessible, enjoyable, and easy to grasp. By incorporating play-based learning, our software ensures children are not only absorbing information but also actively participating and enjoying the learning process.

Educator Guidance for Maximizing Play Learning

For Educators, navigating play learning might seem daunting. Essential Skills can help. We provide resources and guidance to support a play learning approach, helping you to facilitate an environment conducive to learning and growth. With our software solutions, we can assist in integrating play learning effectively into your educational setting.

Potential Challenges and Solutions in Play Learning

At Essential Skills, we acknowledge that integrating play with learning can pose challenges. Striking a balance between fun and educational content is crucial. We continuously refine our educational software to maintain this balance, ensuring that while children enjoy their screen time, they are also learning and growing.

Moreover, we understand the importance of developmentally appropriate content. Our products are designed to cater to a range of age groups, ensuring the learning experience is not just fun, but also apt for the child’s developmental stage.

The Future of Play Learning

Play learning is the future of education and Essential Skills is at the forefront of this evolution in learning. As we continue to advance our educational software, we are committed to continually innovating and improving our play learning experiences.


With Essential Skills, turning screen time into learning time isn’t a far-fetched idea – it’s a reality we strive for every day. Through our suite of play-based educational software  programs, we aim to transform screen time into beneficial, enjoyable learning experiences. Join us in embracing the future of education with play learning, ensuring every moment spent on screens is productive, engaging, and beneficial.