Children with autism have unique and particular needs that often, only their parents can truly understand. For this reason, parents of students with autism often take an active role in their education and may choose to homeschool when suitable specialized programs are not available. A strong support system is crucial and having access to excellent learning resources including an online reading program for autism can be hugely beneficial to students and parents alike.

Instructional materials for autism

It is common for parents with children on the spectrum to homeschool at some point when appropriate educational institutions cannot be found. Homeschooling can be challenging but there are definite advantages for parents of children with autism. For instance, students and parent teachers can benefit from the flexible timetables, because classroom lessons and activities can be scheduled around the child’s daily routines. Online resources and instructional materials for autism provide immediate, 24-7 access to lessons and activities, making this an essential resource when homeschooling students with autism.

How Reading Programs for Special Education Can Help

  • Individualized Learning: Essential Skills reading programs for autism uses an integrated assessment to customize learning and target your child’s unique learning gaps.  A variety of program themes and reward types allows parents the flexibility to individualize these reading programs for special education to appeal to their child’s specific tastes and address their learning challenges.

  • Immediate Reinforcement: Instructional materials for autism by Essential Skills reward and reinforce correct answers immediately following each question, not just at the end of an activity. Many students with autism respond well to this format and are highly motivated by our reward system.

  • Minimal Distraction: Repetitive animations that consume instructional time can often bore or over-stimulate students with autism. Essential Skills reading programs for autism provide engaging, focused instruction with minimal distraction.

  • Instruction for All Ages: Our online reading programs to appeal to students of all ages. Essential Skills also serves special ed instructors who use their online reading programs with adult learners.

Identifying quality instructional materials for students with autism can be a challenge. Essential Skills programs take the guess work out of finding the best reading programs for special education by implementing the repetition and immediate reinforcement these students need. Whereas most programs use one or two activities to reinforce a skill, our instructional materials for autism present between five and ten activities utilizing various approaches for all learners. This type of repetition helps to ensure standards mastery for every student.

Essential Skills programs are developed by special education teachers for students with special needs and are grounded in proven research. Call 1-800-753-3727 for a free trial and learn more at Essential Skills.