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Builds upon the basic number concepts developed in grades 1 and 2. The skills taught in this program include: adding and subtracting two-digit numbers with regrouping, multiplication, division and working with simple fractions.

number patterns, place value, addition facts and regrouping, subtraction facts and regrouping, multiplication to 7x7, division to 49/7, money up to $10.00, comparing fractions with decimals
Teaches numbers to 1000 by comparing numbers, recognizing patterns, skip counting and place value Reinforces the learning of addition and subtraction facts plus regrouping up to 3 digit numbers Teaches students comparing fractions, equivalent fractions and comparing fractions with decimals Teaches the concepts of multiplication and division including multiplication facts up to 7x7 and the division facts up to 49/7 Students learn to count coins and make change up to ten dollars Aligned with national and state mathematics curriculum for grade three Students are shown a summary of their results for the day when they exit the program
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Math Intervention Programs - Mastering Numeration Level 3