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Basic Skills Series

Early Reader Grade 2

A graduated reading system with each level increasing in difficulty as the reader progresses through the illustrated stories. This program is designed for students in grade 2.

Designed for: Grade 2

Complete Reading Grade 2

This comprehensive program provides thorough coverage of your reading curriculum standards at the Grade 2 level. Hundreds of activities reinforce concepts and ensure complete standards mastery.

Designed for: Grade 2

Phonemic Awareness

Developed by teachers and reading specialists, Phonemic Awareness teaches students at a K-2 grade level 38 different phoneme sounds, how to isolate these sounds in words, phoneme addition, deletion and substitution. The skill requirements of the questions gradually increase as students work throu... Read more

Designed for: Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2

Super Phonics

This is a complete interactive reading skills program that provides systematic and explicit phonics instruction to students at a K-2 grade level. Students progress from learning the alphabet to reading complete sentences.