My children use Essential Skills programs twice a week and love them. I know that these programs are helping my students. I even had a child who was practically addicted last year. He wanted to use the Reading Comprehension program at every free moment! I think that he realized that he truly was learning to read from using this software.

Terry Martin, Grade Three Teacher
Valley Intermediate, Pelham, Alabama

Essential Skills Software programs are used school-wide. These programs have had a positive impact on student learning. We have noticed improvement and growth in our DIBELS scores.

Deanna Ritchie, Special Education Teacher
Magnolia School, Foley, Alabama

We use the Essential Skills programs daily in our Special Education classroom and have noticed measurable improvements. My students love using these programs!

Susan Corcoran, Special Education Teacher
Brookwood Forest Elementary, Birmingham, Alabama

We have five Essential Skills programs in our computer lab. Our Kindergarten and Grade One students use them daily. Both the teachers and students love this software. These programs do a great job of building and reinforcing the basic skills.

Sheila Denson, Principal
Curtiston Primary, Attalla, Alabama

The Essential Skills programs have been highly recommended by our teachers. They find them very adaptable to students and very supportive of the curriculum.

Marcia Johnson, Principal
Dixie Elementary, Opelika, Alabama

Essential Skills' programs are used in the computer lab and the classroom. The software is wonderfully easy to use and the programs build the skills one step at a time! We also use them with great success in Special Ed.

Ginny McIntyre, Grade One Teacher
G. Watts Elementary, PineApple, Alabama

The children are using Essential Skills programs for 30 minutes every day. The first graders are using Super Phonics and Sight Words. Second and third grade are using Reading Comprehension. Our teachers really like the Marks Management system for tracking and reporting of progress. I think the programs are very good.

Marsha Wilson, Title I Reading Teacher
Hamilton Elementary, Hamilton, Alabama

Essential Skills programs are used daily at our school. The children enjoy practicing and learning their reading skills and the teachers love the way the programs record and track student progress.

Margie Walkman, Title I Technician
Nelson Elementary, Scottsboro, Alabama

We are a 2006 Torchbearer School and I'm sure that your reading software has something to do with it. I have seen gains made by my students using your programs.

Valra Goshea, Reading Coach
Westview Elementary, Phenix, Alabama

I love Essential Skills programs. They are very supportive of our Alabama Reading Initiative goals. The kids focus right in on them. Our Reading Coaches are all sold on this software. We are very impressed.

Denice Simmons, Title I Teacher
North Roebuck Elementary, Birmingham, Alabama

We really enjoy Essential Skills Software. The students love to use these programs and I can certainly see them making progress in their reading abilities.

Valerie Jones, Computer Teacher
McAdory Elementary, McCalla, Alabama

Since we have started using the Essential Skills Programs, there has been a marked improvement in our State-wide reading scores.

Diane Patterson, Reading Coach
Boaz Elementary, Boaz, Alabama

I am so happy to find software that is great for my first graders. I also love the simplicity of the Marks Manager in keeping track of each student's progress. Great job guys! Outstanding!

Kelley Wolfe, Teacher
Holy Spirit Regional School, Huntsville, Alabama

I used the Readiness Skills program and Phonemic Awareness with my Kindergarten class this year. I noticed great improvements in DIBELS scores and I believe these programs were very helpful. They are also very motivating for the students.

Valerie Powell, Kindergarten Teacher
Sparkman School, Harselle, Alabama

We feel your software is a great teaching and practice tool for basic skills across the curriculum. We love the software because it's really helping our students. Our Word Study skills on the SAT test were low, but we did intensive work with the Essential Skills programs and our SAT scores went up. The marks management system is easy to use and does a good job of keeping track of student progress. These started out as programs for Title I students but now all of our classrooms are using Essential Skills.

Carolyn Deerman, Title I Teacher
Nelson Elementary, Scottsboro, Alabama

We have eight programs from Essential Skills. They are used in the computer lab as well as by our first grade and Special Ed teachers. I like that they are self-paced and provide the children with immediate feedback. The reinforcement and rewards are great and the children love them! The skills are closely aligned to our curriculum standards. Essential Skills programs definitely offer good value.

Valerie Jones, Technology Teacher
McAdory Elementary, Mc Calla, Alabama

When I taught Kindergarten I used the Phonemic Awareness and Readiness Skills programs with my students throughout the year. These programs were excellent in preparing the students for DIBELS testing. The skills in these programs align beautifully with our phonemic awareness curriculum outcomes. They are very effective in teaching phonics and reading readiness skills.

Valerie Powell, Reading Coach
Sparkman Elementary, Hartfelle, Alabama

We have used these programs with most of the 300 students in our school and we know that they produce results. Phonemic Awareness and Sight Words are great for K-1 students. They teach early reading skills very effectively and the students seem to enjoy using the programs. These programs provide great value for the money!

Dianne Patterson, Instructional Specialist
Boaz Elementary, Boaz, Alabama

These programs are used in our Title I reading program. I like the programs because they are written at a level that the students can easily read. Students like the programs because they can be successful at their own level and rate of learning. I think it is definitely helping them to learn their reading skills. It reinforces skills taught in the classroom and helps prepare our students for testing. The type of questioning is similar to that found in our state testing.

Julie Allen, Title I Reading and Math Teacher
Highlands School, Muscle Shoals, Alabama

We use Essential Skills programs daily with our pre K to fifth grade students. There are 18 classroom teachers using the software with their students. It is the main supplementary program we use to reinforce the curriculum. I like the immediate feedback the students receive and the reporting features. The children love the programs because they can work independently at their level and pace. These programs offer great value and I highly recommend them to other schools.

Mrs. Pamela Crum, Reading Coach
Payne Elementary, Selma, Alabama

We have used Essential Skills programs for six or seven years. We have used them as much as any programs we have ever purchased. These programs are easy for all students to use regardless of ability. They offer wide variety of activities and are organized in a way that all children can work independently. The tracking and reporting features are excellent and provide results and feedback for both students and teachers. The kids also love to see how well they did at the end of each session. We have seen excellent progress in developing reading skills due to the practice and reinforcement provided by our Essential Skills programs.

Ginger Brimer, Reading Coach
Brilliant Elementary, Brilliant, Alabama

We use the two Sight Words programs for all students in grades one through four. These programs are great! They are designed to meets the needs of all students even the weakest ones. Each program uses many types of activities to suit different learning styles. This allows the children to work independently at their own ability level. To top it off the kids absolutely love the programs from Essential Skills! Another bonus is that we have never had to ask for Tech Support.

Linda LaFoy, Principal
Buhl Elementary, Buhl, Alabama

I have used this software daily for five years with my grade ones. They love using Sight Words and make great gains in word recognition skills with this program. It reaches and teaches to all of the learning modalities and the students get the repetition they need without it becoming bored. They always look forward to their time on the program and are learning at the same time. That is hard combination to beat.

Ardella Vance, Grade One Teacher
Blossomwood Elementary, Huntsville, Alabama

We have used Essential Skills programs with our K-3 students on a daily basis for six or seven years. We love the format, the variety, and the reinforcement. The children always look forward to using these programs. This software is a perfect supplement to our curriculum. On a scale of 10 I would give these programs a 10.

Judy Wadkins, Grade Three Teacher
Woodville Elementary, Woodville, Alabama

I have used the Super Phonics programs for at least five years. These are wonderful programs! I have never come across better phonics instruction than these programs provide. The children are always engaged and focused when working on these programs. The pacing, reinforcement and feedback provided is excellent.

Barbara Kennemur, Grade Two Teacher
Hanceville Elementary, Hanceville, Alabama

The Essential Skills programs teach the core language arts and math skills. They are a wonderful supplement to reinforce what I am teaching in the classroom. All the children regardless of ability level are able to work independently and at own level.

Mrs. Gorham, Grade One Teacher
Moon Lake Elementary, Mentone, Alabama

We have used Essential Skills programs daily for five years with 40-50 Title I students. I like that the students can work independently at their own level with lots of reinforcement and repetition for each of the skills they are learning. This extra practice is just what they need to remediate areas of weakness in their academic development. This software is an excellent supplement to the classroom courses of study.

Lisa Wiginton, Reading Resource Teacher
Hamilton Elementary, Hamilton, Alabama

We use Essential Skills every day without fail. Teachers and students love the programs. They are user friendly and work well with children who have high needs such as LD and ADHD and mentally handicapped. After the first time with the teacher the children are able to manage very well on their own. The programs are easy to use, adaptable and cover the skills that need to be covered. My children regularly score 100% on Dolch Sight Words test after using the ESS Sight Words program.

Sharon Hope, Special Education Resourcer
Randolph Elementary School, Randolph, Alabama

My students can use the Essential Skills programs independently and at their own pace of learning. The programs are easily adapted to fit the needs of all my students, two of whom are autistic. These programs are aligned with what we are teaching in the classroom.

Brenda Beasley, Grade Three Teacher
Southeastern Elementary, Remlap, Alabama

I would rank the software from Essential Skills near the top of programs we use for supplementary instruction in our school. These programs are fun, easy to use, teach the requisite skills and have good tracking and reporting features.

Janet Brewer, Computer Lab
East Lawrence Elem., Trinity, Alabama

We are immensely pleased with the programs from Essential Skills. There are nine classes of children who use these programs daily. The students can work independently and the programs always return them to where they left off. The children love the stars and other rewards and are so pleased when they sign out every day and they get to see their progress and be motivated by their success. This is the best purchase of educational software that we have made.

Barbara Lankford, Computer Lab
Adalusia Elementary, Andalusia, Alabama

Our teachers use Essential Skills for whole grade instruction. The skills are taught sequentially and are in complete alignment with our curriculum. They are also ideal for remedial instruction. They are easy to use and all the children can work independently at their own pace regardless of ability level. This is great skill development software!

Kim O'Connor, Title I Resource Teacher
Munford Elementary, Munford, Alabama

We are using Essential Skills in our K-5 school on a daily basis. We have 27 teachers and all of them use the software with their students up to three to four times per week. Even my children at home use the programs. These programs are truly educational and designed for all learning modalities. They are easy to use and the skills are taught and practiced logically and sequentially with short skill building activities. This allows the students to work independently and move ahead at their own pace. They never tire of the programs, even after years of use. The teachers are able to print concise reports to show skill strengths and deficits. Over the years we have built up our library of Essential Skills to the point where we now have 35 programs. For supplementary practice and reinforcement this is simply the best bang for the buck that you can get with curriculum based software.

Belissa Howard, Reading Coach
Highlands Elementary School, Huntsville, Al

Alabama, Results

Since we have started using the Essential Skills programs there has been a marked improvement in our statewide reading scores.

Diane Patterson
Reading Coach

We love the software because it's really helping our students. Our word study skills on the SAT test were low, but we did intensive work with the Essential Skills programs and our SAT scores went up.

Carolyn Deerman
Title I Teacher

We have seen excellent progress in developing reading skills due to the practice and reinforcement provided by our Essential Skills programs.

Ginger Brimer
Reading Coach

My children regularly score 100% on Dolch Sight Words test after using the Essential Skills Sight Words program!

Sharon Hope
Special Education Resource Teacher