We use the Essential Skills programs daily in our Special Education classroom and have noticed measurable improvements. My students love using these programs!

Susan Corcoran, Special Education Teacher
Brookwood Forest Elementary, Birmingham, Alabama

Essential Skills Software programs are used school-wide. These programs have had a positive impact on student learning. We have noticed improvement and growth in our DIBELS scores.

Deanna Ritchie, Special Education Teacher
Magnolia School, Foley, Alabama

We use the two Sight Words programs for all students in grades one through four. These programs are great! They are designed to meets the needs of all students even the weakest ones. Each program uses many types of activities to suit different learning styles. This allows the children to work independently at their own ability level. To top it off the kids absolutely love the programs from Essential Skills! Another bonus is that we have never had to ask for Tech Support.

Linda LaFoy, Principal
Principal, Principal, Alabama

The Essential Skills programs have been highly recommended by our teachers. They find them very adaptable to students and very supportive of the curriculum.

Marcia Johnson, Principal
Principal, Principal, Alabama

We have five Essential Skills programs in our computer lab. Our Kindergarten and Grade One students use them daily. Both the teachers and students love this software. These programs do a great job of building and reinforcing the basic skills.

Sheila Denson, Principal
Principal, Principal, Alabama

The children are using Essential Skills programs for 30 minutes everyday. The first graders are using Super Phonics and Sight Words. Second and third grade are using Reading Comprehension. Our teachers really like the Marks Management system for tracking and reporting of progress. I think the programs are very good.

Marsha Wilson, Title I Reading Teacher
Hamilton Elementary, Hamilton, Alabama

Essential Skills programs are used daily at our school. The children enjoy practicing and learning their reading skills and the teachers love the way the programs record and track student progress.

Margie Walkman, Title I Technician
Nelson Elementary, Scottsboro, Alabama

I love Essential Skills programs. They are very supportive of our Alabama Reading Initiative goals. The kids focus right in on them. Our Reading Coaches are all sold on this software. We are very impressed.

Denice Simmons, Title I Teacher
North Roebuck Elementary, Birmingham, Alabama

We feel your software is a great teaching and practise tool for basic skills across the curriculum. We love the software because it's really helping our students. Our Word Study skills on the SAT test were low, but we did intensive work with the Essential Skills programs and our SAT scores went up. The marks management system is easy to use and does a good job of keeping track of student progress. These started out as programs for Title I students but now all of our classrooms are using Essential Skills.

Carolyn Deerman, Title I Teacher
Nelson Elementary, Scottsboro, Alabama

We have used Essential Skills programs daily for five years with 40-50 Title I students. I like that the students can work independently at their own level with lots of reinforcement and repetition for each of the skills they are learning. This extra practice is just what they need to remediate areas of weakness in their academic development. This software is an excellent supplement to the classroom courses of study.

Lisa Wiginton, Reading Resource Teacher
Hamilton Elementary, Hamilton, Alabama
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