Your programs really promote independent learning. It's like the students have their very own tutor! It frees me up to do other things with the class. Our children use Essential Skills programs every day.

Connie Newton, Teacher
Donalda School, Donalda, Alberta

We love every part of your programs for many reasons. We often recommend Essential Skills Software to other teachers and schools.

Doug Scherlie, Teacher
Alexander Forbes School, Grand Prairie, Alberta

Your programs are incredible! Our students are benefiting greatly.

Andrea Roche, Teacher
John A McDougall Elementary, Edmonton, Alberta

We use Essential Skills programs daily in our computer lab. The students find them easy to use and they enjoy working independently on them. They are used for the regular stream and Special Ed. We also a have a number of the ESS Assessment Programs. The computer based assessments from Essential Skills are a real time saver. They allow us to do diagnostic testing with large groups of students all at once. We really like the programs.

Sherry Clarke, Grade 1 Teacher/Computer Technologist
High Prairie Elementary, High Prairie, Alberta

The children are using Essential Skills programs once to twice a week in the computer lab. The teachers like the way the programs keep track of each student's progress. I think the kids find them user-friendly and very motivating.

Michelle McWhirter, Librarian
Landing Trail School, Gibbons, Alberta

The children are using Essential Skills programs every week in our Balanced Literacy Program. We like the Reading Comprehension programs because they include interesting short stories with comprehensive questions. The kids also like the Vocabulary Builders. We have certainly seen improved academic achievement in our students using Essential Skills. It really compliments our language arts program.

Dave Tomaszewski, Grade 3/4 Teacher
Athlone Elementary, Edmonton, Alberta

I teach in a Hutterite school. The children speak German so the Essential Skills programs are helping with their English pronunciation. The students quite enjoy the programs. I make use of the custom spelling list on Spelling Stumpers. I really think they are good educational programs - not just games. The children are truly learning.

Montey Rasmussen, Grade K - 12 Teacher
Standoff Colony School, Cardston, Alberta

In the morning I have kids that come for specific skills training on ESS programs. Most of the kids really look forward to using them. We determine which skills the children are lacking then I put them into the appropriate programs.

Bob Larson, Special Education Teacher
Daysland School, Daysland, Alberta

We love this software for our special needs students who need structured programs. We use Reading Comprehension, Mastering Numeration and Spelling. I like the way it presents skills sequentially, keeps track of where the children are and gives them attainable goals.

Cheryl Heller, Special Needs TA
Ponderosa Colony School, BowIsland, Alberta

I teach the severely learning disabled and use Essential Skills programs everyday with my students. These programs play a big role in the development of their reading skills. I have noticed marked improvements. My students love the programs and are quite motivated by them. I like the fact that students can be plugged in at their own ability level.

Sue Nelson, Learning Assistance Teacher
Elm Street School, Medicine Hat, Alberta