The Sight Words programs from Essential Skills definitely have improved my children's reading and recognition of sight words as well as their spelling. These programs teach the important sight vocabulary in a variety of ways and are appropriate for all my students including autistic, ADHD and LD. Thank you very much! I appreciate these fabulous programs. You're doing a great job!

Mary Ann Smith, Resource Teacher
Tumbleweed Elementary, Phoenix, Arizona

I teach children with Autism and my husband and I also run a therapeutic home for kids with Autism. We also have adopted two children with Autism. I can say that the Essential Skills programs have transformed my children! My son is diagnosed with Autism and Apraxia. He is so immersed in the Sight Words program that that he is verbally imitating the sounds he hears, he is spelling, and reading! My daughter who reads on a pre-primer level with no comprehension in August has recently been tested and scored a 2.3 (second grade third month) on reading with full comprehension. What your programs do is simply amazing. I know they are not marketed directly for children with Autism but I am telling you as parent and teacher of kids with Autism the way they are designed is exactly what our kids need. They are repetitive, provide clear and concise verbal directions, and immediate feedback. My thanks to you!

Teresa Irani, CBS Teacher
Elliott Point Elementary, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

I love your products! They work great with my autistic students. It is easy for them to go from one activity to the next and the format really meets their needs. It gives them feedback about their progress and let's them know when to move on. My Autistic students are very methodical and the structured format of the programs is perfect for them. They are definitely learning and retaining the skills they are learning. When my students pass the state standardized tests it is due in part to the time spent on Essential Skills programs.

Teresa Reed, Special Education Teacher
John James Audubon Elementary, Kenner, Louisiana

My special needs students use the programs from Essential Skills on a daily basis. Even my autistic students are able to do the activities and move on their own from level to level. The programs are user friendly, and the curriculum is well paced and presented in a colorful, appealing way that makes learning fun for students with learning difficulties. These programs are perfect for individualized, independent instruction.

Lori Koroluk, Special Education Teacher
Chelsea Elementary, Chateauguay, Québec