California, Results

Our school raised their tests this past year, and it was due in part to extra practice of basic skills that the Essential Skills programs offer.

Tracy Battson
Title I Teacher

Our grade one teachers say that their children have made dramatic gains each year from working on the Super Phonics programs. The test scores have gone way up for their children!

Denise Watts
Computer Teacher

We have had eight years of sustained growth in our AYP/API results and the Reading Comprehension programs from Essential Skills have definitely played a role in that growth. Randy Helvey


Essential Skills software is a big part of our intervention program. The programs are used with 240 students. We are seeing a lot of progress with student test scores. The Essential Skills programs are the most important and consistent of the supplementary instructional tools we use.

Tammy Cholly
Title I Coordinator

We have been getting great results using Essential Skills! These programs are excellent and aligned with what is taught in the classroom. This is great curriculum based software and the kids love it!

Grace Wong
Intervention Specialist

These programs teach the skills that young children need in a sequential, systematic manner. These are high quality, research and evidence based programs.

Sandra Crandall
Reading Specialist