We use the Essential Skills programs everyday with the kids in K through 5. They love them! We feel the skills correlate well with the state standards. The software is wonderful. It is so easy to individualize for practice and retention of the specific skills. We have used this software on a daily basis for four years.

Carol Lynn, Special Education Lead Teacher
Mt. Vernon Elementary, Gainesville, Georgia

We use Essential Skills programs on a daily basis. The kids practically fight to get on the computer to use the programs from Essential Skills. We use Grammar and Writing Fundamentals with the older kids. These programs provide excellent practice and reinforcement of skills. The programs work wonders with IEP goals and objectives. This teacher created software is excellent.

Angie Fender, Special Education Coordinator
Lanier County Elementary School, Lakeland, Georgia

These programs are designed to meets the needs of all students from the weakest to those working at a higher level. Each program uses many approaches to suit different learning styles. It is the best software I have ever seen for filling the needs of such a variety of students. To top it off the kids absolutely love the programs from Essential Skills!

Emily Maxwell, Grade Two Teacher
Whigham Elementary School, Whigham, Georgia

We use many different Essential Skills programs at different grade levels. Our kindergarten students all use the Sight Words program. I have received only positive feedback about the programs from the classroom teachers. They are really easy to use and we like the way that the management system works across all the programs. They are very user friendly for teachers and students.

Angelina Koster, Media Specialist
Eastside Elementary, Douglas, Georgia

Our primary teachers and students really like the three reading comprehension programs. The programs do a great job of teaching comprehension and vocabulary skills. The kids love them! They put the headphones on and you don't hear a peep out of them for a half hour. They are totally engrossed and engaged by the software. They love the activities. We also use them to test prep for the Standford 9 and the CRCT.

Marlene Hosmer, Technology Assistant
State Bridge Crossing Elementary, Alpharetta, Georgia

We use the Sight Words software with our K through two students on a daily basis. The teachers feel that this program is the best for teaching word recognition skills. The kids love the programs!

Linda Dowdy, Media Specialist
Jack P. Nix Primary School, Cleveland, Georgia

All six of our grade two classes use the Reading Comprehension program from Essential Skills at least one or two days per week. They are student friendly and have good help features. The kids can work independently. The marks manager and reporting system is extremely easy to use. Also, the software is CRCT test compatible. The students really look forward to using these programs.

Brenda Cassels, Grade Two Teacher
Eastside Elementary, Cairo, Georgia

The Reading Comprehension and Spelling software is being used daily for grades one through five. The first and second grades also use Mastering Numeration. We really like the software. It is easy for the teachers to get progress reports because the Marks Manager ties together all the programs. Students never fuss about using the software. They really enjoy it. These programs align well with state standards and QCC objectives. We have been using the software for four years. These programs really are an excellent value. We will continue to buy from ESS.

Martha Donalson, Instructional Coordinator
Shiver School, Pelham, Georgia

My first grade teachers use Reading Comprehension, Super Phonics and Sight Words. This software meets many of the needs of the first grade Language Arts program. Some of our students also use the software for remediation. All the different modalities are combined in the software and this is very well designed for teaching to different styles. We have used ESS on a regular basis for more than three years.

Francine Wright, Lower School Director
Brookwood School, Thomasville, Georgia

These programs are the best investment we have ever made and our teachers love them! We plan to purchase more as funds become available.

Diane Graham, Instructional Lead Teacher
Blackshear Elementary, Georgia
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