Since using Essential Skills programs on a regular basis our ISTEP scores have gone up in language arts and math.

Donna Burroughs, Teacher
Webster Elementary, Plymouth, Indiana

We are very pleased with our Essential Skills programs. If we could rate Super Phonics it would be our most worn out program, as it is used so much. Administratively, Essentials Skills programs are by far my favorites. Classrooms can be imported very easily into the system. Keep up the great work!

Robin Lusk, Teacher
Fishers Elementary, Fishers, Indiana

We use ESS programs every week in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades and have noticed performance gains in the students using the software. The teachers and students both love the programs.

Jana Jones, Teacher
St. John’s Lutheran School, Peru, Indiana

Our students use the programs all the time. Our IST scores have gone up.

Susan Schwartz, Teacher
Cloverdale Elementary, Cloverdale, Indiana

Our second grade students are using the programs. I have been getting positive feedback from the teachers - enough that I have ordered more programs.

Lisa Royal, Teacher
Topeka Elementary, Topeka, Indiana

We use Essential Skills programs in our computer lab as an add-on to the classroom curriculum. We have looked at the students' test scores and have noticed definite performance gains from using this software.

Rosalee Kelley, Technology Coordinator
Lincoln Elementary, Evansville, Indiana

The kids really enjoy the programs. They got bored with other phonics programs but not with Super Phonics. Now they say 'It's my day to be on the computer!'

Ann Loveless, Teacher
Western Primary, Russiaville, Indiana

We have six Essential Skills programs which are used on a regular basis. The software has played a significant role in the performance gains with our students.

Don Beck, Teacher
Waverly Elementary, Martinsville, Indiana

I use the Reading Comprehension programs for teaching specific reading skills. Each story has comprehension, vocabulary and language activities which allow me to pull out a variety of ways to work with the students. The kids take to the programs very well and I am seeing improvements in their performance.

Cathy Bremmer, Computer Teacher
St. Paul School, Sellersburg, Indiana

Essential Skills programs are effective for teaching basic skills. The activities use many different approaches to teach and reinforce each skill. As a bonus the kids love learning with these programs.

Phyllis Pattengale, Reading First Coach
Pine Village Elementary, Pine Village, Indiana