Students are using ESS programs three times a week. They really like the programs and are motivated by them. I have even had Junior High students using the programs. In my student assessments I have seen significant improvements.

Jamie Edmondson, Special Education Teacher
Chetopa School, Chetopa, Kansas

Our Students are using ESS programs at least 4 times a week sometimes twice a day. We use these programs with all of our grades to help the students prepare for state testing. Our ESL students also love your programs and use them to build reading and vocabulary skills. I would highly recommend Essential Skills Software

Anita Williamson, Teacher
Gertrude Walker Elementary, GardenCity, Kansas

Our K - 2 students are using ESS programs twice a week. The Title I and Resource students are also using the programs. I feel they have greatly helped the majority of our students. I would recommend your programs.

Denise Kempke, Grade I Teacher
Claflin Elementary, Claflin, Kansas

I think ESS programs are very helpful. The kids like them and use them at least once or twice each week. They really enjoy learning their sight words this way.

Virginia Gibson, Title I Teacher
Greeley County School, Tribune, Kansas

Your programs are great and they correlate well to the state guidelines for language arts.

Connie Potts, Title I Coordinator
Claflin USD #354, Claflin, Kansas

Our teachers like ESS programs because the students are motivated and they learn the required skills. Our grade ones use the programs for 20 minutes every day. Second and third grades are using the programs in their classroom and fourth and fifth grades use them every day. The teachers like being able to enter custom spelling lists and have the spelling programs automatically create activities for the students. Your software is being well used at our school.

Mary William, Computer Lab
Hoxie Elementary, Hoxie, Kansas

We teach reading in groups based on a student's reading level. We start our students with Phonemic Awareness and Sight Words and then move them to Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Builders. We get a lot of use from these ESS programs. We use them before state testing and they have made a difference in test scores. We like how easy it is to use the Marks Manager and access all the student records. Our kids love these programs!

Marilyn Reynoldson, Reading Facilitator
Lincoln Elementary, Jct.City, Kansas

Both the teachers and the kids love the Essential Skills programs. I would like to see them district wide.

Chris Sisk, Systems Operator
Buffalo Jones Elementary, Garden City, Kansas

We are using the programs from Essential Skills daily. They are ideal for independent and individualized learning and they free me up to work with others. I like the way the programs keep track of where the students leave off from day to day and how the reporting system keeps track of what they have mastered and what their needs are. The Essential Skills programs help the students prepare for the Kansas Reading Assessments because they actually have to seek information and pay attention to what they are reading. There is lots of practice and reinforcement of basic reading comprehension skills.

Gail Burkett, Special Education Teacher
Roosevelt Elementary, Arkansas City, Kansas