We really do love Essential Skills programs. Our students are using them two or three times per week. We have won the Blue Ribbon award in our state for significant improvement in test scores and we believe that Essential Skills had a significant role to play in our achieving this award.

Judy Walker, Teacher
Sacramento Elementary, Sacramento, Kentucky

Essential Skills programs work really well with the Success for Reading Program. We use the programs in Kindergarten, grades one and two. The programs help build the students' vocabulary. I have recommended the programs to other schools in our district.

Peter Bohne, Teacher
Jacob Elementary, Louisville, Kentucky

We use ESS programs as much as possible - everyday last year. The students enjoy them and are not bored with them. I like Sight Words because it uses the Dolch word list. The students must learn these words.

Alena Woofter, Teacher
Flat Gap Elementary, Flatgap, Kentucky

We really enjoy Essential Skills programs. The kids love them too and have made noticeable performance gains using the software. We like the fact that the programs have increasing difficulty to challenge the students.

Cheryl Gilliam, Teacher
Longfellow Elementary, Mayfield, Kentucky

Reading Comprehension and Sight Words are used in our school. The more the students use the programs, the more their reading scores go up.

Alma Click, Teacher
West Irvine Elementary, Irvine, Kentucky

We use your programs all the time. All of our kindergartens and grade ones and some grade twos are using the software. The teachers will pick out the skill they want the students to learn that day. We have recommended the software to other schools.

Boyd Huffman, Teacher
Lansdowne Elementary, Lexington, Kentucky

We use ESS programs everyday and have noticed great improvements with our grade one students. I particularly like the Marks Manager as I can identify where a child is having difficulty. I have encouraged other teachers in our school to use the programs.

Vickie Dedman, Teacher
Saffell Street Elementary, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

We purchased site licenses in 2003. We use the programs with struggling readers as an intervention strategy. They are very motivational and all of our students have made gains. I like that we can get immediate scores and progress reports. I also like the fact that they are reasonably priced. I would love to get all your programs.

Linda Riley, Teacher
Buffalo Elementary, Buffalo, Kentucky

We originally purchased Essential Skills programs for our Special Ed. department. We have three Special Ed. teachers using them. We have also implemented several programs with our regular elementary classes. We have ordered more programs and we are very pleased with them. We get results from this software!

Bettie Hart, Reading Recovery
Overdale Elementary, Louisvale, Kentucky

We use the great spelling programs from Essential Skills. The activities address the learning styles of all our students and we really like the option of being able to create our own custom spelling lists.

Donna Bradley, Computer Teacher
Meadow Lands Elementary, Owensboro, Kentucky

We are very pleased with the reading software from Essential Skills and have used it on an ongoing basis for the past five years. These programs have been implemented in all our district schools. This is great curriculum based software! It is well organized offering step by step sequential learning and it appeals to all learning styles. Even our students with the lowest ability levels can find a place in these programs to be successful and learn independently.

Karen Poff, Special Education Teacher
Cold Hill Elementary, London, Kentucky

The Essential Skills math and reading programs fit right in with our core curriculum. They support and supplement what I am teaching in the classroom. The children always look forward to using the programs and are motivated by the fact that they are learning their skills.

Amy Coyle, Kindergarten/Grade One Teacher
Viper Elementary, Viper, Kentucky

We love the Phonics and Sight Words programs from Essential Skills! We bought them to help implement Literacy First. The skills in these programs correlate well with Literacy First and we use them all the time with about 200 K-3 students. They are easy to use, and they record and keep track of student progress in each skill area. These programs offer great reinforcement of the skills our students need to do their CaliforniaTS test in the spring.

Karla Parker, Curriculum Coach
Sublimity School, London, Kentucky

The Essential Skills programs are great for helping the children with their sight word recognition, phonics and reading comprehension skills. We use the programs daily. The children are engaged and motivated. 98% of the children can work through the program skills independently without assistance.

Ms. Hodge, Instructional Computer Lab Coordinator
Sinking Fork Elementary, , Kentucky

We use Essential Skills programs every day for phonics practice. They are very user friendly. Kids use them once and they are able to work independently. Students often choose the Essential Skills programs when given free time. They enjoy the interface and they enjoy being able to see their progress as they complete activities. These programs definitely help the students generalize their skills to other curriculum areas.

Amy Beall, Grade 1-2 Teacher
Harmony Elem., Louisville, Kentucky

I ordered a measurement program from Essential Skills and it is the best software program for teaching the concepts of measurement that I have come across. We use the flash drive/memory stick version since our CD drives are difficult to use and often don't work. The flash drive stores the program and saves all records so it can easily be used from computer to computer. It is all under your control at all times.

Dianne Kelly, Special Education
Benton Elementary, Benton, Kentucky

Our first, second and third grade teachers use the programs from Essential Skills all the time even after seven years. We love them! They are economical and great for remediation. There is just enough learning reinforcement to always keep the children interested. These are great programs for teaching basic skills as well as building self esteem.

Wanda Brooks, Literacy/Title I
Bloomfield Elem., Chaplin, Kentucky

Kentucky, Results

We have won the Blue Ribbon award in our state for significant improvement in test scores and we believe that Essential Skills had a significant role to play in our achieving this award.

Judy Walker

Reading Comprehension and Sight Words are used in our school. The more the students use the programs, the more their reading scores go up!

Alma Click