I love your products! They work great with my autistic students. It is easy for them to go from one activity to the next and the format really meets their needs. It gives them feedback about their progress and let's them know when to move on. My Autistic students are very methodical and the structured format of the programs is perfect for them. They are definitely learning and retaining the skills they are learning. When my students pass the state standardized tests it is due in part to the time spent on Essential Skills programs.

Teresa Reed, Special Education Teacher
John James Audubon Elementary, Kenner, Louisiana

Your software is extremely user friendly and the games and activities tie in nicely with the curriculum guidelines. The software supports and supplements the classroom curriculum. Our students use it on a daily basis. It is helpful to be able to isolate a skill that is being taught and reinforce the learning of it with this software.

Linda Henderson, Principal
Principal, Principal, Louisiana

Our first and second grade classrooms love the software from Essential Skills. I use the software to reinforce the concepts I teach in the classroom. It supports the curriculum perfectly and is very beneficial to the skill development of our students.

Sharon Jones, Grade One Teacher
Children’s Charter School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

We use Essential Skills software in every school in our district. The kids and the teachers love it. These programs offer an orderly continuum of skills that helps improve test scores in reading and math. We highly recommend this software.

Cincy Pucheu, Lead Inclusion Teacher
Monroe City Schools, Monroe, Louisiana

We have six school wide licenses that we use it in our lab and in the classrooms. It is the favorite software with the children and teachers in the primary grades. The programs are friendly, bright, colorful, and exciting. They teach the skills the children need to develop reading fluency and comprehension.

Peggy Alford, Librarian
Spring Creek Elementary, Kentwood, Louisiana

The software is used every week by about 200 Pre Kindergarten to Grade 5 students. We have had the programs for several years, and add to them each year. We currently have 10 to 15 different titles. The programs are very user friendly and the kids absolutely love them! The skills are age appropriate, and the programs cover the curriculum nicely. These programs are a great value!

Jere Rushing, Computer Lab Teacher
Castor School, Castor, Louisiana

We use Essential Skills regularly and particularly for tier 2 RTI. The programs are child friendly and easy to use. The skills are taught sequentially and the children love the reinforcement and feeling of success. The progress tracking and reporting features of the Marks Manager are very useful to teachers.

Karen Bordelon, Reading Facilitator
J. Wallace James Elementary, Lafayette, Louisiana