We use Essential Skills software to reinforce concepts taught in my room. The students like the ongoing reinforcement and the feedback. They also like seeing their results at the end of each session. The various programs are closely aligned with my specific goals and objectives for each child. These programs are useful learning tools and an important piece of the instructional day for my students.

Jessica Forrest, Special Education Teacher
White Rock School, Gorham, Maine

We have used Essential Skills programs with our K-2 classes on a daily basis in our school for several years. These programs are right on in terms of what is being taught in the classroom. It fits perfectly with our curriculum needs. We all love the software. It is fun but instructional.

Mary Cox, Educational Technician
Center Drive School, Orrington, Maine

I have eight programs from Essential Skills that my students have used on a weekly basis for the past four years. The programs are bright, colorful, very appealing and make learning much more fun than traditional approaches. The kids feel like they are playing a game but I know these programs greatly contribute to their learning success. This software offers terrific value!

Alison Wallace, Resource Teacher
Milbridge Elementary, Milbridge, Maine

I have used Essential Skills with my students every day for several years. I use them to reinforce new concepts that I introduce in class. I like the fact that they cover the same material I'm teaching and that they encourage self-correcting. The progress reporting system is very easy to use. My children love using these programs and I would highly recommend them!

Anne Duplessis, Grade One Teacher
Forest Hills Consolidated, Jackman, Maine