With the amount of curriculum that teachers need to cover, there is not enough time for rote skill practice and review. Super Phonics and Mastering Numeration do a really good job of that kind practice. The programs are fun and easy for the children to navigate through and use. I find these programs very useful when I have children who are resistant to doing the table top type tasks. The children are motivated and find the programs fun and exciting. The record keeping component is good and they provide for flexibility of instruction.

Mary Mahoney, Special Education
Memorial School, Medfield, Massachusetts

Our school covers grades four to six and my students are working at a grade one to five level. They use ESS programs everyday. I have even lent my Sight Words program to the speech teacher. I also make my own custom spelling lists and the Spelling program automatically creates activities for the students. My students are also using the programs to supplement their classroom work. I have noticed significant student performance gains from using this software.

Alice Walker, Special Education Teacher
Anne T. Dunphy School, Williamsburg, Massachusetts

I have noticed definite performance gains with my students. They find the programs very motivating and know they are learning. It is a refreshing change from using pen and paper to learn the concepts. These programs are very helpful with reinforcing skills, especially the phonetic skills. I would highly recommend ESS programs.

Joan Frank, Remedial Reading Teacher
Hopkins Elementary, Hopkinton, Massachusetts

I love ESS programs and I use them every day with my students. I teach children with a lot of deficits - learning disabled, down's syndrome etc. We have incorporated the programs into our language curriculum. We love the Creative Writing program.

Lynn Vesley, Speech & Language Pathologist
Hampshire Reg. HS, Westhampton, Massachusetts

The programs from Essential Skills are used several times each day in our computer lab. We have been using them for several years. The teachers love using these programs to reinforce classroom instruction. The skills taught are closely aligned with our early reading and math curriculums. These programs are a real hit!

Edward Earnest, Technology Assistant
Elmood St. School, Millbury, Massachusetts

We use Essential Skills software as a skill building and reinforcement tool. We use the Readiness program every day with our Kindergarten, Pre Kindergarten and Pre School children. The program addresses all the skills we are looking at for that age level. The children love the software! It is skill practice but they don't know they are practicing. We like that it covers all of the readiness skills the children need to learn to read and do math.

Lesley Belanger, Kindergarten Teacher
Shrewsbury Children’s Center, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts