We work with our students on fluency and then put them on Essential Skills Software. We are seeing great results and gains.

Monica Schill, Teacher
Breckenridge Elementary, Breckenridge, Minnesota

ESS programs cut out all the bells and whistles. Both the students and I love the programs. Phonemic Awareness and Math are used a lot from Kindergarten to grade 2.

Barb Iannazzo, Teacher
St. Mary Elementary School, White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Our students from the 1st to the 5th grade are using Essential Skills programs in the computer lab. We love the programs.

Debra Madsen, Teacher
Menahga School, Menahga, Minnesota

Our Students use Essential Skills programs for half an hour two to three times per week. The kids are more engaged in these applications than the ones that are gamey. They love the positive rewards - these spur them on to achieve more. They are also very motivated by their own success at building the skills they need.

Jeffrey Blevins, Teacher
Community of Peace Academy, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Essential Skills software is an integral part of our reading program. We encourage all of our teachers to use it with their students.

Margaret Meyer, Teacher
Becker Primary School, Becker, Minnesota

Our classroom teachers are using Essential Skills programs for remediation. We use them in Special Ed - in fact they are used all over the school.

Joe Ness, Teacher
Lafayette Charter School, Lafayette, Minnesota

There has been a real need for reading programs and Essential Skills programs have worked well for us. There is real value to them I like the continuity between programs and love the Marks Manager. We will be looking at adding new programs.

Shirley Khoshnevis, Teacher
St. Martin Catholic School, Rogers, Minnesota

The concepts in the software are very thoughtfully presented and the material is wonderful.

Pam Olson, Teacher
Northside Elementary, St.James, Minnesota

This is the most wonderful software I've ever come across!

Gloria Agenten, Teacher
Christ Lutheran School, Zumbrota, Minnesota

We have used this software on a daily basis for several years. The adult students enjoy using this software. They find it motivating and easy to use The Essential Skills programs are excellent for reinforcing and maintaining skills that have previously been taught. We look forward to purchasing more of them.

Gabby Postiglione, Teacher
Hasting Adult Basic Education Center, Hastings, Minnesota