Essential Skills offers the best software programs I have ever found for special needs children. I have used your programs for years. Our elementary teachers also find the assessment programs very helpful for testing and tracking their students. These programs have had a major impact on the improved Mississippi Curriculum Test scores with my students. Their MCT scores have gone up at least one level each year. The children love using these programs and they are anxious to get on them every day.

Sandra Howard, Special Education Teacher Grades 4-6
Greenlee Elementary, Mc Cool, Mississippi

We are very, very pleased with the software from Essential Skills. We use it from grades 1-7. These programs are also great for our older students who are performing below grade level. It very much supports the curriculum.

Winifred Spears, Principal
Principal, Principal, Mississippi

The first thing I do as the principal of a new school is add the programs from Essential Skills. The programs offer a perfect blend of basic skills practice and reinforcement. They are also highly motivating for the children. Essential Skills is a low cost technology-based solution that is readily available to help address instructional gaps.

Janice Hatcher, Principal
Principal, Principal, Mississippi

We use Essential Skills programs everyday with our students. We think they are very effective.

Nancy Johnson, Title I Teacher
Jumpertown Elementary, Booneville, Mississippi

We are using Essential Skills software every day. We find it useful and helpful to our children. We test their sight word ability and their reading comprehension twice each school year. The results show that the Sight Words and Reading Comprehension programs from Essential Skills are very effective in teaching these skills to our students.

Brenda Silas, Grade One Teacher
A.W. James Elementary School, Drew, Mississippi

We use Essential Skills programs regularly in Kindergarten and Grade One. If the students could use the programs more often they would - it's their favorite.

Joanne Barnes, Computer Lab
Thrasher School, Boonville, Mississippi

I love Essential Skills programs The students are doing much better using Writing Fundamentals. I also use Reading Comprehension and Grammar with my students. I even use the programs in my after school program.

Katie Peacock, Grade 4 Teacher
McEvans Elementary, Shaw, Mississippi

I was selected as teacher of the year for my work in a pre-trial detention facility for 14-18 year olds that are charged with having committed felonies. The skills based software from Essential Skills is an indispensable part of my curriculum for these young people. My students have widely varying academic needs that can be met with these programs. The repetition and reinforcement of skills is excellent and the curriculum is meaningful and well ordered.

Cynthia Cokern, PhD Spec. Ed., Juvenile Teacher
Hinds County Detention Center, Jackson, Mississippi

I love Essential Skills. The programs are kid friendly, easy to use and offer great practice and reinforcement for all of the basic skills. The students are able to practice their skills independently at their own level and pace. These programs offer training in all the basics that the children simply have to know. I have a deaf child who can do many of the Essential Skills activities even though he is unable to hear.

Jane Rutz, Computer Lab Teacher
Heidelberg Elementary, Clarksdale, Mississippi

I use Essential Skills programs daily for remediation and for reinforcing what is being taught in the classroom. These programs are highly motivating. I love the way the children are totally engaged. Their test results are showing significant gains in sight word memory and reading comprehension. This is the best low cost, skill development software I have seen for kids.

Dena Bradford, Computer Lab Teacher
Pearman Elem., Cleveland, Mississippi