We have Essential Skills programs in our computer lab. The Grade Two and Title I teachers love the programs. The kids really find the programs motivating and fun to use. The 2nd grade teacher asks the kids to achieve 80% or higher before going on to the next skill. Her kids are now all scoring in the 90s.

Joyce Finocchio, Computer Technologist
Murphy Elementary, House Springs, Missouri

I use Essential Skills programs in our remedial reading program for K - 3. We are a Reading First school. I also tutor and use the programs for 1st through 8th grades. The students seem to remember what they are learning because the programs are visual and do a good job of reinforcing the concepts taught.

Nina Huser, Remedial Reading Teacher
Lockwood Elementary, Lockwood, Missouri

Twenty-four classes in our school are using ESS programs to supplement and reinforce our Reading Counts. Both the regular classroom and Special Ed. are working with the programs. The students are very engaged with the software. We are a 4, 5, and 6 school, very focused on reading. We think the programs from Essential Skills are excellent.

Michelle Lindsay, Technology Instructor
Ozark Upper Elementary, Ozark, Missouri

First and second grade use ESS programs almost every day. They are user friendly and motivating. The skills taught go along with the state curriculum. I find that the programs are of high interest and motivating, especially for those students who are discouraged or inattentive.

Debra Ozias, Title I Reading Teacher
Crest Ridge Middle School, Centerview, Missouri