The teachers and students really enjoy ESS programs. We have a regular routine. The 1st to 4th graders use the programs three times a week for half an hour each time.

Norman Singley, Computer Technologist
Bonner School District, Bonner, Montana

My second graders use the Sight Words program daily and my first graders will be using it after Christmas. It is a very important tool for teaching word recognition skills. We also use Reading Comprehension level 2. It asks many of the types of question that students will be seeing on their tests. As a bonus, my students love using the software.

Margee Bronec, Grade 1/2 Teacher
Geraldine Elementary, Geraldine, Montana

All of our teachers up to grade four use the Essential Skills programs in the computer lab to supplement and reinforce their classroom instruction. I use the programs in Sp. Ed. and see definite skill improvements with my kids. They are able to work independently and all benefit from their time on these programs.

Teresa Ouzt, Special Education Teacher
Canyon Creek School, Billings, Montana

Our students use the Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Builder programs for grades 4-6 two or three times per week. There is a good selection of interesting non-fiction stories and a wide variety of comprehension, vocabulary and language activities for the students to work on.. The Vocabulary Builder programs are excellent for teaching targeted vocabulary skills. Our students love the programs and actually enjoy developing their reading skills.

Kara Mader, Reading Specialist
Lincoln Elementary, Miles City, Montana