I used Reading Comprehension Levels 2 and 3 with an individual student. The programs really kept his attention and I felt his comprehension improved. I would definitely recommend your software.

Jack Thorpe, Special Education Teacher
Sidney High School, Sidney, Nebraska

We are utilizing the programs with both Special Ed. and the regular classrooms. The students and teachers like the software. We had single user licenses and we upgraded to site licenses.

Tom Becker, Superintendent/Principal
Superintendent/Principal, Superintendent/Principal, Nebraska

My teachers love it. In primary, especially K-1 they are spending 30 minutes a day on ESS programs. The 1st grade teachers say these are their favorite programs. I have recommended ESS to the Diocese.

Valerie Able, Principal
Principal, Principal, Nebraska

The kids love it. The 1st grade teachers love your software and swear by it. It really reinforces what they are learning in the classroom. Our K-3 students use these programs 4 days a week.

Jaymi Victor, Computer Lab Teacher
Lourdes Central Catholic School, Nebraska City, Nebraska

Our 1st graders are using the programs. The skills are very useful. We think the programs are very good. Our teachers like ESS programs and the students enjoy them as well. We think they are very beneficial.

Liz Dalton, Media Specialist
Evelyn Hamlow Elementary, Waverly, Nebraska

We've been happy with the way ESS titles run on our network. Your programs seem to run without trouble. I appreciate the way they install into one folder on the server and that we can move that folder from one server to another without having to reinstall it. From a technology coordinator's perspective they are good programs. The comments I have heard from the classroom is that they work well and the kids enjoy using them. Overall we have been very happy with them.

Noel Erskine, Technology Coordinator
Norris School District 160, Firth, Nebraska

They are great programs. The kids like them and they are easy to use. We used Super Phonics to demonstrate growth for Kindergartens and because of that growth we were able to go to a full day Kindergarten. We use the programs everyday up to grade 3 and for Special Ed. kids in 1st to 5th grade we use them four times a week.

Sharon Gutierrez, Computer Technologist
Shell Creek Elementary, Columbus, Nebraska

The skills and practice in these programs are great! We have used Essential Skills programs for several years. They are very comprehensive in covering the skills and also user friendly for the students. The children like the interface and they never get bored with using the programs. These programs offer excellent reinforcement and review!

Brenda Roerty, Media Specialist
Linden Elementary, Fremont, Nebraska

We have been using Essential Skills programs several times a week for several years with our Kindergarten and first grade students. The programs we use are excellent for developing and reinforcing word recognition, phonics and early reading skills in our students. Each program has a simple and efficient system for tracking and reporting student achievement in the specific skill areas.

Sheri Shure, Computer Coordinator
Platte Center Elementary School, Platte Center, Nebraska

We like the curriculum aspect of the Essential Skills programs. These programs build skills sequentially, in a step by step fashion. Our K-3 students love using these programs. They are also very good for our weaker students who can work with confidence at their own level and pace,

Jamie Boehler, Technology Aide
East Elementary, Minden, Nebraska