New Brunswick

Students love using the programs, I recommend that others consider Essential Skills the next time they are making a software purchase.

Cindy Butterbaugh, Teacher
Campobello Island Consolidated, Wilson’s Beach, New Brunswick

I use Essential Skills daily with the children, especially with the visual learners. I love Sight Words levels 1 and 2! I think they are phenomenal programs for getting the beginning readers to build up their sight vocabulary. The children love these programs! I think these programs are perfect to supplement and reinforce the teaching that is going on in the classroom.

Sue Calhoun, Methods and Resource Teacher
Westfield Elem. School, St.John, New Brunswick

We have been using Essential Skills programs on a daily basis for several years. These programs allow me to target specific skill areas for each student. The children really enjoy the programs because they can work independently at their own level and pace. I think the children are definitely learning their reading skills by regular exposure to this software. It is very helpful as a supportive tool because it teaches and reinforces the skills being taught and it tracks the progress of the students.

Jill Donovan, Resource Teacher
Claude D. Taylor School, Riverview, New Brunswick

My students and I love the Super Phonics programs. They are great for both visual and auditory learners. These programs are a wonderful resource for targeting and training the specific skills that students need.

Christine Stevens, Methods and Resource Teacher
Grand Bay Primary, Grand Bay, New Brunswick

I have used the Essential Skills programs daily for several years. They are student friendly, they monitor student progress and require the students to master skills before they move on. The reward and reinforcement system is excellent and very motivating for the children. The children love the programs and never seem to tire of using them. For students who are experiencing difficulty these programs provide the specific training, skills and practice needed to overcome their skill deficits.

Jill McMullin, Resource Teacher
Black’s Harbour School, Black’s Harbour, New Brunswick