New Jersey

Essential Skills Software has made a difference in our school. The students and teachers love the software. We feel that these programs are having a direct and positive impact on the progress of our students.

Mrs. Palumbo, Principal
Principal, Principal, New Jersey

This software has been very helpful in preparing the children in for the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge (NJ ASK). Many of the activities in these programs correlate with the state assessment.

Alfonzo Tony, Teacher
Woodbine Elementary, Woodbine, New Jersey

The Reading Comprehension programs are excellent! The stories are very well written, and the illustrations and auditory cues guarantee success for early readers.

Betsy Walker, Computer Teacher
St. John Evangelist School, Bergenfield, New Jersey

We use these programs with all of our basic skills students. We have noticed significant standardized testing gains with these students. This is attributable in part to the regular use of Essential Skills Software. The students really enjoy using the programs and that makes it a whole lot easier.

Pam Albert, Curriculum Coordinator
Point Road Elementary, Little Silver, New Jersey

We are really happy with the software from Essential Skills. We love Super Phonics especially because it meets many of the requirements of the first grade programs.

Shirley White, Computer Specialist
Fernbrook School, Randolph, New Jersey