New Mexico

We are using ESS programs in the Title I program and the reading program. We sure have seen improvement in our students' performance. We like the Marks Manager as we can see where a student is having difficulty and have them work on those skills. Our grade one students are spending 30 minutes a day 4 times a week with the programs. The kids caught on right away how to use the programs and really look forward to using them.

Doris Jeantete, Educational Assistant
Taos Elementary, Taos, New Mexico

The 1st graders are using Essential Skills programs as a supplement to the reading curriculum. We have used the programs in Special Ed and I am using them with 1st and 2nd graders for Title I and reading.

Beth Fields, Title I Reading Teacher
Del Norte Elementary, Roswell, New Mexico

We are using the Reading Comprehension programs in the Title I Reading Lab for the 3rd to 5th grades once or twice a week for 30 minutes and when they have free time. The students are eager to get to the computer

Janet Barlow, Title I Teacher
Tombaugh Elementary, Las Cruces, New Mexico

We have been using Essential Skills programs for four years. They are very well rounded programs and I see the children making excellent progress. The Marks Manager keeps track of the students' progress, records their scores and prints cumulative reports. The programs are very child friendly and the students are always motivated. They can work at their own level and pace.

Ida Perez, Title I Teacher
Grand Heights ECC, Artesia, New Mexico

We are using Essential Skills programs in K-1 twice a week. The students are motivated by the programs and I think that their reading is improving. They now recognize the sounds the letters make. The sound blending activity is also helping them a lot. I would not hesitate to recommend your programs.

Sylvia Vargas, Grade One Teacher
Nancy Lopez Elementary, Roswell, New Mexico

My kids use ESS programs on a daily basis. We concentrate on accomplishing one skill before we go on to the next. We have seen a lot of improvement and progress. Overall, the students and I think they are terrific.

Matilda Roybal, Computer Technologist
Ohkay Owingeh School, San Juan Pueblo, New Mexico

Essential Skills is the best software that we have found in Language Arts and Math, and it is so affordable! It is currently being used in all grade levels in our school.

Antoinette Lopez, Technology Assistant
Sierra Vista Elementary, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Our kindergarten and grade one teachers have been using Essential Skills programs on a regular basis for four or five years. Our students really enjoy using them. The programs provide excellent value and have made a real difference for our children.

Ms. Wright, Kindergarten Teacher
Holloman Primary, Holloman AFB, New Mexico