New York

Within our day programs for adults with developing disabilities, I searched a long time for an educational product that met our needs for individuals with cognitively impairments. Essential Skills exceeded all of our expectations. The instructions are very clear; the scope and sequence is well defined, and achievement is measurable. The graphics within the programs are universally appropriate for children and adults. We have purchased assessment, phonics, reading comprehension and mathematic products. My student so enjoy receiving the immediate reinforcement after each entry, achievement stars after completing the assignment and the ability to print out a score using the Marks Manager System.

Sarah Reddy, Special Educator
Heritage Christian Services, Rochester, New York

We use Essential Skills Software in preparation for state assessments. Our teacher's have found that many of the activities in these programs correlate to the state assessment and will enhance student test scores.

Bill Sica, Director of Computer Services
Chenango Forks SD, Binghampton, New York

We use Essential Skills extensively with our students. Our statewide test scores in grade 4 and grade 8 have us ranked as the top school in our district and this is due in part to using the great software from Essential Skills. These programs are used in alignment with the state curriculum.

Deb Wallace, Teacher
Prattsburgh Central School, Prattsburgh, New York

Our students are using Super Phonics, Sight Words and Reading Comprehension from Essential Skills Software. These programs were easy to install and our students began using them immediately. No training was required. I particularly like the progress reports. They are straightforward and easy to interpret.

Nancy Bickowitz, Teacher
Stanislaus School, Amsterdam, New York

Tech support at Essential Skills is by far the best tech support I've experienced. They are phenomenal! We have14 of your programs installed and on the few occasions we've needed help we've received prompt, courteous help with timely follow-up when required. They have been wonderful to deal with.

Colleen Drummond, Teacher
Hagan Elementary, Poughkeepsie, New York

Our kids love using the programs from Essential Skills and are motivated by the success they have building their literacy skills in a systematic way. We use these programs to support and reinforce the skills taught in the classroom.

Jan Harrington, Teacher
Hammondsport Central School, Hammondsport, New York

We are using 10 of the literacy programs from Essential Skills Software. The students love working with these programs and are continuously motivated by them. We have been using these programs for four years and have seen a marked improvement our student's reading and comprehension performance. Our test score results have improved dramatically. These significant improvements can be attributed to Essential Skills because our students use these programs every day.

Dr. Linda Hunt, Teacher
Charles Churn Christian Academy, Brooklyn, New York

A great component of the Spelling Programs is the ability to make custom spelling lists. It is easy to individualize word lists and make direct connections to the curriculum. I use the custom list editor to teach my students everything from the sounds of the letters to word meanings for vocabulary and language.

Elizabeth Bowen, Teacher
Uniondale S.D., Uniondale, New York

One of our teachers, a reading specialist, was very impressed by the promise of Essential Skills products. We ordered site licenses for Super Phonics and Phonemic Awareness. We were astonished at the depth, quality, and breadth of these programs. But that is not why we went on to purchase Super Phonics 2, and Reading Comprehension 2 the following year. We did so because the students in K - 3 responded so well to the experience of using these products. Imagine a computer lab with 18-second graders, absolutely silent, everyone on task 100% of the time for 30 minutes, learning the fundamentals of phonemic awareness and phonics! Try doing that with a Phonics book.

Emmett Hoops, Teacher
Moriah Central School, Port Henry, New York

I teach kindergarten through fifth grade in the computer lab. Our students in first grade to fifth grade use the Essential Skills Programs on a regular basis to support the various classroom curriculums. When preparing our students for state testing - ELouisiana, we have the children working on Reading Comprehension level 2. We find that the classes using this program to prepare for the ELouisiana test typically do much better than if they hadn't used it. Several of these programs are used in our high school special ed classrooms with good results as well.

Terri Horan, Computer Lab LTA Coordinator
Otego Elementary, Otego, New York