I find these programs to be excellent. They have a highly structured layout and provide skill repetition and feedback. My high school students love the idea of learning their skills independently at their own level and pace without fear of criticism or putdown. They do not find the programs babyish at all. These programs have been very helpful in addressing the skill deficits in my students. I have recommended Essential Skills programs to several of my teacher friends.

Sherri Keefe, Resource Teacher
Ascension Bay Collegiate, BayRoberts, Newfoundland

I have children using the programs all the time. They are very student friendly. These programs are great to supplement core classroom curriculum. Even the younger developmental children are able to work independently. I recommend your programs to all new teachers who come into my class. If you are going to order anything, begin with these because they are the most useful.

Barb Morgan, Special Education
Holy Cross School, St.John’s, Newfoundland

I use the Super Phonics programs every other day. I am in a middle school and work with older students who are functioning at a low level. These programs are very user friendly for the children and they enjoy being able to work independently at their own level and pace. I do see that these programs are definitely helping my students.

Dominic Ricketts, Special Education
King Academy, Harbour Breton, Newfoundland

We use the Essential Skills Software programs on a daily basis. They are really suited to special needs children who are not achieving at grade level. These programs address basic skills in a systematic way and allow children to work independently while building their confidence and motivation. We have five special services teachers at our school and we all use this software with our students on a consistent basis.

Debbie Linehen, Teacher
Sacred Heart Academy, Marystown, Newfoundland

My students really enjoy the Sight Words and Phonemic Awareness programs. They work on them every chance they get. I use these programs with my regular classroom students and my special education students. I have noticed a big improvement in their skill level this year.

Maureen Kearley, Grade 1-2 Teacher
St. Georges School, English Harbour East, Newfoundland